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  • The Daily News: Yellow School Bus Crisis

    This Daily News series dealt with yellow school buses and a crisis that included extensive delays, fraud in hiring bus staffers with criminal pasts, and how bus contracts were awarded.
  • School Buses Flunk

    The safety inspections of 30,000 Connecticut school buses showed that one in four buses was unfit to carry children, yet state officials ignored this issue.
  • Bus-ted

    The story reveals a number of things about a school district’s bus system. Some of the things revealed are school buses breaking traffic laws, and extensive records of the bus drivers, including traffic violations and speeding tickets. Once the findings were revealed, the school district wasn’t sure who hired them and the school district allowed them to be bus drivers as long as the insurance companies approved them.
  • Broken Buses

    This series of investigations revealed serious, recurring and widespread safety violations involving hundreds of school buses used to transport nearly 20,000 children to Indianapolis-area schools, and the expanded to show critical safety problems affecting thousands of buses in school districts across Indiana. The investigation exposed problems not only with the school buses, but also identified gaping deficiencies in the Indiana State Police bus inspection program. It triggered immediate and dramatic action, prompted Indiana's largest school districts to call for more stringent oversight and more frequent inspections and provided parents with a hands-on tool to monitor the safety history of their children's school buses.
  • Fit to Drive?

    According to this Dispatch report, "167 school-bus drivers in Ohio have records of drunken driving or drug abuse." The investigation includes a chart of where in Ohio these drivers operate, and also notes the difficulty "for school officials to check backgrounds on drivers or keep those with drunken-driving convictions out of school buses." Individuals with such histories are profiled.The superintendent of the State Highway Patrol is quoted saying that as someone who has arrested drunken drivers, "I would never want any of these people driving a bus."
  • Target 12 Child Watch: Uncovering Daycare Violations

    WPRI-TV investigates reported incidents where young children had been "wandering away from daycare centers" and "children being left sleeping on school buses." They looked into the frequency of these incidents to examine how safe daycare centers are, and inform parents on how to find out more about their child's daycare center. They uncovered cases of abuse and neglect, with unsupervised children finding themselves in harm's way. They also found that 21 of the 59 daycare centers they examined "were in violation of staff to child ratios," 18 of 59 "violated hand-washing procedures," and 15 "had fire safety issues."
  • Project Security: School Bus Safety

    An investigation into the safety of school buses in Central Indiana, the transport of choice for 70 percent of school children in Indiana.
  • School Bus Bloat 2005

    For over fourteen months the reporters investigated the Cleveland Municipal School District's transportation department, producing 25 stories. The reports examined extensive waste of resources, mismanagement, and fraudulent use of inflated data. Reporter Tom Merriman used records, surveillance video, and interviews with ex-employees to document the district was inflating rider numbers to get more funding. School administrators blamed the mid-level bureaucrat they fired, but Merriman used internal documents to show he was ordered to inflate the numbers. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of dollars were being spend on luxury coaches for athletes. The investigation lead to the resignation of a top official in the organization.
  • Who's driving the bus?

    WITI found that because of a gaping hole in state law, murderers, sex offenders, drug dealers, and other convicted felons are legally driving Wisconsin school buses.
  • School Bus Safety

    A WBRZ-TV investigation into school bus safety reveals that bus drivers in the Baton Rouge area routinely fail to do required inspections of their buses before and after their routes.