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  • WAMU 88.5: "Collateral Damage"

    The WAMU 88.5 series “Collateral Damage” chronicled the impact in human terms of the Washington, D.C., police department’s aggressive focus on confiscating illegal guns. The investigation explored how tactics used by police to search for guns are angering and alienating the very residents they are sworn to protect, especially in D.C.’s predominantly black neighborhoods where police focus these efforts.
  • The NRA’s Murder Mystery

    An investigation by Mother Jones reveals that Robert J. Dowlut--the National Rifle Association's general counsel--was convicted of murder and later released from prison due to bad police work. Dowlut went on to become a key architect of the gun lobby's effort to transform the legal interpretation of the Second Amendment. Dowlut has been an influential under-the-radar activist: he has written or co-written more than 25 amicus briefs on behalf of the NRA in state and federal cases.
  • Gun Wars: A News21 Investigation of Rights and Regulations in America

    An examination of the contentious political and cultural divide between those who say the right to own and carry guns is guaranteed by the Second Amendment and those who believe firearms should be more regulated. The project used or created nine databases to assess gun laws in every state in the nation and to document violence involving firearms across the United States. We also conducted hundreds of interviews across the country with longtime politicians, shooting victims, militia members, rural sheriffs, hunting enthusiasts, inner-city mothers and advocacy groups on all sides of the debate, to name a few.
  • Gun Show Nation

    This investigation explores how and why guns have entered national politics. The author traveled to gun shows, gun stores and gun rights meetings in order to chart America's attachment to guns. She shows how that attachment "affected our democracy by undermining our belief in collective solutions for human security."
  • (Untitled)

    Does a gun make you safer or increase your likelihood of violent death? A slew of recent studies have claimed to answer this question once and for all. Discover claims that all these studies actually prove is how difficult it is to say anything about violence and human behavior. So far, nobody has been able to marshal convincing evidence for either side of the debate. (May 1996)