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  • ESM Government Securities Inc.

    Cincinnati Post covers Ohio's savings and loan crisis and discovers that the owner of the failed Home State Savings Bank had been involved with the failed ESM Securities Co.; questions the state's explanation of forces that caused the collapse of the bank and started the crisis.
  • (Untitled)

    Cincinnati Enquirer investigates Home State Savings Bank; the collapse of an obscure government securities firm in Florida caused a run on the bank in March 1985; the investigation uncovers the dealings that led to the indictment of three of the bank officers.
  • (Untitled)

    The Patriot (Harrisburg, Pa.) reports on the mishandling of $3.6 million in Harrisburg funds and $1 million in county funds by ESM Securities - possibly violating state law.
  • Bonddoggle - A Raid on the Treasury That Failed

    Pittsburgh Press series tells how bond attorneys and brokers made a killing by slipping publicly owned securities through an obscure loophole in federal tax laws; in three months, the scheme was worked in 175 municipalities.
  • Koerner's scheme eludes regulators

    St. Louis Business Journal articles detail a Ponzi scheme by two businessmen to defraud residents of a small Montana town out of $15 million by offering fictitious platinum contracts.
  • The Coal Connection

    Kentucky Post (Covington) series investigates the murder of an international coal company president with ties to organized crime figures. The series details his illicit campaign contributions to Reagan's presidential race in 1976 and also examines his firm's history of swindles and scams. The 20-month investigation relied on FBI, Securities and Exchange Commission and Bureau of Prisons documents.
  • (Untitled)

    Columbia Journalism Review article investigates the financial dealings of Michigan publisher John McGoff, who was the subject of a grand jury investigation of accusations that he worked as an unregistered agent for the South African government; the Securities and Exchange Commission also conducted an investigation into illegal uses of McGoff's publishing firm, Panax, to promote his personal business interests.
  • (Untitled)

    Rocky Mountain Business Journal publishes article on Securities and Exchange Commission probe of American Leisure Corp., developers of an Atlantic City hotel-casino complex.