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  • NBC5 Investigates: Sex Trafficking in Chicago

    NBC5 Investigates has embarked on an on-going examination of SEX TRAFFICKING IN CHICAGO. We often hear of international sex trafficking, but many don’t realize it is happening on their own blocks. Young women, often minors, are lured into the sex trade through the Internet, social media or even by the traditional means of promises of love and protection. Many are already victims of sexual assault. They have covered several stories since 2011 and this year took a close look at the people who buy sex; the people who try to help victims, and where the sex trade and trafficking is growing.
  • Trafficked

    Youth Radio covered the issue of human trafficking into the sex trade, a problem prevalent in Oakland. Their coverage focused on the perspectives of the trafficked teenagers.The story "pieces together what life is like for girls who are kidnapped or ensnared by pimps -- and how law enforcement criminalizes juvenile victims, arresting them three times as often as the traffickers who exploit them."
  • A Crime So Monstrous

    "Skinner digs deep to find slaves, slave traders and slave masters in the frontlines of the third world war zones, in rotting urban ghettos, even in suburban America."
  • Dateline NBC: Children for Sale

    The documentary followed up on a previous investigation into the child sex trade in Cambodia. Five years later, journalists examined the impact their investigation had had on the trade as a whole and in the lives of four girls who had been rescued in an undercover operation highlighted in the original report.
  • The Killing Fields

    An investigation on murders of women with records of prostitution reviewed hundreds of homicide records and unclassified deaths, showing that more than eighty percent of the murders remain unsolved.
  • Children for Sale

    Dateline investigated the child sex trade in Cambodia. The story led to the prosecution of a Canadian man for purchasing sex with children there. The investigative team worked with a human rights group whose sting operation led to the arrest of pimps and the rescue of three dozen girls.
  • Children for Sale

    Dateline teams up with the International Justice Mission, a human rights group, to investigate the business of selling children for sex. They focus on Cambodia where many sexual predators from around the world come to buy young children. Victims are interviewed as well as adult exploiters of children and various political figures comment on the problem.
  • Selling Atlanta's Children

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution explains why runaway girls who work as prostitutes in Atlanta are often jailed while their adult pimps go free. The root of the problem is a lack of children's programs in Georgia.
  • Sex Slaves and the U.S. Military

    An Army Times investigation revealed that U.S. servicemen are the main economic engine driving the international sex trade in Korea. The number of women imported to work in bars and brothels in Korea has been soaring and most of their customers are members of the U.S. military
  • Daughters of Darkness

    Photographer Shehzad Noorani does a photo essay of Kandupatti, a brothel in Dhaka - the capital city of Bangladesh. The place has been both a home and workplace, for over 200 years, to at least 1,000 women involved in the sex trade.The photographer captures haunting images from the everyday life of these women who are only seen as sexual objects.