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  • Rocky Mountain PBS / Insight with John Ferrugia: Traded and Trafficked

    Through innovative storytelling and community outreach, “Traded and Trafficked” has sparked constructive conversations in communities across the state of Colorado and inspired citizens in rural and suburban areas to take action against child sex trafficking.
  • The Intercept: Group that opposes sex work gave money to prosecutors’ offices – and got stings against johns in return

    This was an investigative piece that relied heavily on documents obtained through FOIA requests and revealed that prosecutors around the country were receiving millions of dollars in funding from an anti-prostitution advocacy group that required them in return to conduct raids on brothels and stings against sex work clients. In particular, internal documents showed that in exchange for nearly $200,000 in funding, the advocacy group essentially required the King County prosecutors’ office and their law enforcement to erroneously label criminal cases they were pursuing as sex trafficking even though there was no evidence of trafficking in these cases. At one point, the advocacy group was even allowed to edit a press release issued by the prosecutors about these cases to include terms like “sex trafficking.” Legal scholars said that the King County prosecutors may have violated their own professional codes of conduct that restricts them from making sensationalistic “extra-judicial comments that have a substantial likelihood of heightening public condemnation of the accused.” My article was the first to show that the independent judgement of law enforcement in King County and other jurisdictions may have been compromised by the strings-attached funding from Demand Abolition, the anti-prostitution group.
  • Pimp City: A Journey to the Center of the Sex Slave Trade

    As authorities in the US struggle to keep up with the explosion in sex trafficking, Fusion’s investigative documentary, "Pimp City: A Journey to the Center of the Sex Slave Trade", uncovers a subversive network linking America’s secret neighborhood brothels to a remote Mexican town that traffics more sex slaves to the US, than anywhere else.
  • NBC5 Investigates: Sex Trafficking in Chicago

    NBC5 Investigates has embarked on an on-going examination of SEX TRAFFICKING IN CHICAGO. We often hear of international sex trafficking, but many don’t realize it is happening on their own blocks. Young women, often minors, are lured into the sex trade through the Internet, social media or even by the traditional means of promises of love and protection. Many are already victims of sexual assault. They have covered several stories since 2011 and this year took a close look at the people who buy sex; the people who try to help victims, and where the sex trade and trafficking is growing.
  • Human Trafficking in the Heartland

    The Center found that three years after Wisconsin legislators passed a law banning trafficking, little had been done to curb the practice in the state.
  • Weird Science: Women's Funding Network Sex Trafficking Study is Junk Science

    The story examines a series of purportedly scientific studies conducted on behalf of an advocacy group that raises money to fight juvenile prostitution. A close look at the study reveals a dubious methodology that violates most of the key tenets of sociological research.
  • "Running in the Shadows"

    Ian Urbina investigates the issue of homeless youth. Since the economy has worsened, more teens are abandoning their often troubled homes to live on the street. Urbina also looks at how many homeless teens are forced to turn to prostitution as a means of survival.
  • Shriners' Investigation

    Frost has reported this story for three years, picking up where the ORlando Sentinel left off twenty years ago by focusing on how the Shriners used charitable donations to fund mortgages for executives, directors and key employees and failed to report these transactions, specifically the mortgage satisfactions, on their exempt organization tax returns (990 form.) This past year, most of Frost's focus has been on the Shriners secret sub-group, the Royal Order of Jesters who were involved in a series of sex crimes.
  • Sex Slaves and the U.S. Military

    An Army Times investigation revealed that U.S. servicemen are the main economic engine driving the international sex trade in Korea. The number of women imported to work in bars and brothels in Korea has been soaring and most of their customers are members of the U.S. military