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  • The Changing Face of Terrorism in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Around the World

    "The stories attempt to penetrate the terror networks in Pakistan and Afghanistan that are at the heart of plots aimed at causing havoc in Britain, the United States and elsewhere. Among the stories is an investigative piece that reveals how Osama bin Laden communicates with his inner circle, as well as the first account from Waziri tribesmen about the anti-terror crackdown on their fiercely autonomous region, considered the most likely hideout for bin Laden and his top deputy. There is also a story that outlines the top emerging terrorists in Pakistan, Afghanistan and around the world - people whose names are not yet known in the mainstream but who have been responsible for much of the bloodshed since Sept. 11."
  • Radical Movements Thrive on Loose structure, strict Ideology; Global Network Provides Money, Haven

    Washington Post details the origins, nature and interrelations of violent Islamic movements around the world; finds that most are a part of a loose international network inspired, trained and often financed by sheiks, foundations, government agencies and freelance activists throughout the Persian Gulf and the United States.