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  • So Close, Yet So Costly

    The Great Lakes is experiencing a water affordability crisis that has driven families into debt and led to thousands of people losing access to water. An investigation by APM Reports and Great Lakes Today examined the cost of water over the last 10 years in the six largest cities on the Great Lakes - Chicago, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Detroit, Buffalo and Duluth. In the past decade water rates have been rising alarmingly fast, sometimes as much as 200%. As water gets more and more expensive, poor families and communities of color have been hit the hardest. Government run utilities have issued over 360,000 water shutoff notices in the past decade, concentrated in majority black and Latino neighborhoods.
  • (Untitled)

    San Antonio Express-News investigates San Antonio's Center for Health Care Services, the city's only Mental Health and Mental Retardation facility that is taxpayer funded. The series discovered agency books in such poor shape they were considered "inauditable". Staff members also kept trustees ignorant of failed Medicaid audits that threatened to shutoff state funding and about a drug Enforcement Agency investigation into whether or not methadone was missing from the center pharmacy. (July 30 - Dec. 19, 1995)