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  • Best for the children

    We revealed that at least 150 children have been abused in Sweden over the last three years, despite the fact that social services knew about their situation and should have been able to help them. Almost half of the children were children already in care, therefore even more vulnerable, where the social welfare service failed to act to help them, or acted in a way that increased their suffering. There are most probably many more children that have been abused, than the 150 we were able to detect. We were only able to survey the cases known to the Health and Social Care Inspectorate. But in our review we could reveal that 50 municipalities, one in six, have never reported any mistakes on serious misconduct concerning children. This is something that experts interpret as highly unlikely and a serious sign of underreporting.
  • Failures in the Foster System

    Our two part investigative series first uncovered the story of a toddler nearly tortured to death in foster care, despite multiple reports to county social services. Our second report exposed major flaws in the County's response to child abuse reports systemwide. We revealed an estimated 7,000 calls to the emergency hotline were not being answered each year, resulting in abused and neglected children remaining in unsafe homes.
  • FEGS Investigation

    These stories by Josh Nathan-Kazis investigated the causes behind the collapse of FEGS, one of the largest social service charities in the country.
  • Death of Elijah LaJeuness

    This investigative story chronicles the troubling and tragic death of three year old Elijah LaJeuness. WBAL-TV in Baltimore, Maryland, obtained hundreds of pages of documents through public information requests filed with the Howard County Police Department and the Howard County Department of Social Services. For months, I-Team reporter, Deborah Weiner, and producers poured over the documents which revealed that up until the day he died, Elijah’s safety and well-being were supposed to be monitored by Child Protective Services. The story of his still unsolved murder, chronicles a failure to protect this little boy who died in his own home.
  • SCDSS: The System Failed

    A News19 report on a 4 year old boy named Robert Guinyard Jr., who despite multiple reports of abuse, died in state care, put the spotlight on former South Carolina Department of Social Services (DSS) State Director Lillian Koller. Our investigation found multiple instances where policy says DSS should have stepped in. It would take the agency two months to publicly admit to a Senate Oversight Committee that policies were not followed in the case. The DSS Deputy State Director for Child Protective Services told us, “the system failed Robert.” News 19 reported at least 36 stories about DSS in 2014 on-air, online, and on mobile platforms. Our investigation led to the resignation of the agency’s State Director, policy changes in the Child Protective Services division, and increased funding to an understaffed guardian ad litum group that advocates for kids in state custody.
  • UK Parliamenary Paedophiles

    This entry consists of a series of feature articles published in the daily Morning Star, UK and on-line version. They form a campaign to reveal the extent of an official Establishment cover-up of the activities of UK Parliamentary MP's involved in widespread pedophile abuse of vulnerable children. The allegations and supporting evidence stretches back decades and includes actions taken by UK Secret Intelligence Services, The Metropolitan Police, and other regional forces, the Home Office and other state institutions. The campaign tracks individual cases and high profile government Ministers of State many of whom are now deceased. Children were taken from children's homes where they were being looked after by social services staff and transported to hotels and guest houses where they were drugged and sexually abused, orally and anally raped and forced to perform sexual acts on older men.
  • Violent Felon Went Unnoticed

    In this breaking news report, LaForgia, Roldan and Playford deployed great investigative skills to report on the murder of two young children who died at the hands of a felon that went unnoticed by the Department of Children and Family.
  • Benefits Denied

    This series reveals the “shameful failing of both the state and federal government in living up to its promises to both Indiana’s most vulnerable and it’s most brave”. The story began when a “1.3 billion dollar state welfare contract” was cancelled and “new federal directives were sent to every V.A. office nationwide”. Further, when people were sick and turning to the V.A. for help, their requests were denied.
  • "Domestic Silence"

    Domestic violence is out of control in Ohio. This investigative report finds that men "charged with domestic violence" multiple times in multiple years only served an "average of two weeks" behind bars. Since 2000, the request for restraining orders has doubled in the state of Ohio. Reporters also found that the state spends $1 billion a year in "medical and social services" to pay for domestic violence.
  • Senior Insecurity

    One of the most expensive health and human services program in California was designed to help the elderly and disabled afford basic necessities. The program, which costs “almost three billion dollars”, is covered by taxpayers. But when you look on the streets, you will see a number of elderly people living there because they aren’t able to pay for food and shelter. The issue that arises is how the money is being spent and whether the program is working or not.