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  • BuzzFeed News: American Mercenaries

    This was an 8-month investigation that uncovered a privately-run assassination program in Yemen run by American Special Operations veterans and reservists working as mercenaries. Hired by the United Arab Emirates, Americans were sent to kill civilian political leaders from an Islamist party. The team, paid millions of dollars, was made up of about a dozen veterans from the most combat-skilled units America has: former SEALS, former Delta Force, and even former CIA ground branch. It was led by a charismatic former French Foreign Legionnaire who lives in the US suburbs.
  • Relentless Strike: The Secret History of Joint Special Operations Command

    Relentless Strike is the first full-length history of Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), the secret military organization that, away from the public eye, has become the military’s main effort in the wars of the 21st century. JSOC runs many of the United States’ most sensitive missions and commands its most secret “special mission units,” including SEAL Team 6, Delta Force and the even more secret “Army of Northern Virginia.” The book contains dozens of scoops and sheds new light on every period of JSOC’s history and virtually every major mission it has conducted.
  • Alex Quade's Taliban-5/Spec Ops Capture & Release

    In her exclusive, war reporter Alex Quade, reveals the original story behind the Special Operations Forces’ capture of one of the Taliban-5. Alex Quade persuaded the elite Operators to go on the record, assess the “high risk” detainee’s exchange for POW, Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl; and whether the released Taliban leader will attack U.S. interests again. One highly decorated Green Beret who originally helped capture him, is now a National Security Council counterterrorism head, who worked behind the scenes on the recent exchange. The senior Special Forces officer tells Alex of detainee Mullah Muhammad Fazl’s release from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; and assesses the government of Qatar’s ability to hold Fazl under the one year travel ban. Former Special Operations “Horse Soldiers” share details with Alex, you’ve never heard before. In Alex Quade’s exclusive, you’ll discover Mullah Fazl’s connection to: convicted “American Taliban” Johnny Walker Lindh; and CIA Agent Mike Spann, the first American killed in action in the war in Afghanistan. You’ll also learn of the released Taliban leader’s ties to former warlord, Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum – now the Vice President of Afghanistan.
  • The Horse Soldiers of 9/11

    The stories of Special Operations Forces and CIA agents who responded directly after the attacks on 9/11.
  • CSAR-X: Rescue Chopper Requirements Sacrificed for Schedule and Rivalries

    The U.S. Air Force violated its own procedures and guidelines to pick a new helicopter for its combat, search and rescue (CSAR-X) fleet. The Air Force chose an aircraft that did not meet the rescuer's requirements because it was settling old rivalries and arbitrary deadlines.
  • In Secret Unit's Black Room; A Grim Portrait of U.S. Abuse

    On the outskirts of Baghdad Iraqi prisoners were found to have been abused by the U.S. Special Operations forces. The prisoners were yelled at, spit on, struck with rifle butts, and were used in practice for shooting paintball guns.
  • The Colonel's Wife

    "In the summer of 1991, the lifeless body of Viparat Marecek was found floating face down in the Cape Fear River near Wilmington, N.C. Immediately, Viparat's husband, legendary Green Beret Colonel George Marecek, became the chief suspect. With no physical evidence linking Marecek to the crime, it took the state 9 years and 3 trials to successfully convict the war hero of killing his beautiful Thai wife." The reporters conducted an investigation into the colonel's conviction, uncovering a "botched autopsy and crime scene investigation, allegations of espionage and sexual misconduct and witness intimidation by one of the state's star witnesses, allegations of police misconduct and witness intimidation by the lead detective on the case, and the signed confession by a known serial killer that is strikingly similar to the brutal death of Viparat Marecek."
  • After-Action Report

    "After-Action Report" tells the story of Garrett Jones and John Spinelli, two CIA agents who worked in Somalia in 1993. Their account of the CIA involvement in the Somalian conflict is "one of the fullest descriptions yet of a CIA operation in the post-Cold War period -- a narrative that illuminates the hazards of 'mission creep,' when peacekeeping operations becomes heavily armed exercises in 'nation building,' and the limitations of on-the-fly intelligence in a spy paradigm that mixes special operations and law enforcement.
  • Secret Warriors: Behind Iraqi Lines

    Newsweek reports that special forces commandos within the U.S. Army, Navy and Air Force have been operating within Iraq and Iraqi-held Kuwait prior to the beginning of the Gulf War. Their actions played a critical role in the U.S. victory over Iraq.