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  • Culture of Resistance

    The Seattle Time analyzed millions of computerized hospital records, death certificate and other documents to track the swath of one of the nation's most widespread, and preventable, epidemics. In its investigation, the Times gained access to state files that revealed 672 previously undisclosed deaths attributable to the infection. The Times also found that in Seattle's largest public hospital, some patients who are infected with contagious MRSA are roomed with non-infected patients because of overcrowding. In at least a dozen cases, the Times proved that death certificates were inaccurate or incomplete when it came to MRSA.
  • Staph: Microscopic but deadly foe looms larger in North Carolina

    This article examines the increase in staph infection cases detected by a local hospital lab. Reiss used as much data as the hospital would give him to review the cases and also the death-certificate database maintained by the state Vital Record Office. The reporter then used Microsoft Access and Excel with that data to analyze the findings.
  • Outbreak

    This investigation examines one of the medical professions dirtiest secrets: staph infections. The report says that "thousands of people a year die from Legionnaires' Disease that they contract from bacteria in hospital water systems" - often because they've got a disease doctors don't know how to diagnose or treat.