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    The Independent (Durham, N.C.) examines Durham's water pollution problems; using EPA and state studies, reporters found the largest polluters, which included the state government; considers possible solutions, April 27, May 4 and 11, 1989.
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    KMOX Radio uncovers 22 court judgments against Francis Murray, a founding member of the NFL Partnership, which is pushing for $200 million in government-backed bonds to build a new stadium and attract an NFL franchise to St. Louis, Dec. 7-8, 1989.
  • Bottom of the Class

    Alabama Journal looks at Alabama's public schools; finds a cycle of poverty that keeps some kids behind from the start, inequities in programs available to students at various schools, and finds the present tax system inadequate for funding the school system, .
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    Rocky Mountain News (Denver) examines Colorado's state government; reveals public agencies are often understaffed and underfunded largely due to decisions in the late 1970s to cut taxes and limit state spending; also finds the structure of the state government is antiquated, March 13 - 17, 1988.
  • Deep Pockets

    WBRZ-TV (Baton Rouge) "discloses that the state entered into settlements that seemingly were far in excess of what would have been awarded on appeal." The station also "outlined a pattern of misconduct and exploitation of an insurance program designed to protect small towns and cities against major lawsuits. We showed how the executive director of the Louisiana Municipal Association received kickbacks and special favors from a private firm which acted as administrator of the insurance program."
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    San Francisco Bay Guardian traces the plight of sex education in the city's public schools, finding that there is little agreement among schools, parents and city and state government agencies as to who should be responsible for the program, May 27, 1987.
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    The Record (Hackensack, N.J.) does undercover testing of garages, revealing auto repair ripoffs are widespread in New Jersey; finds a chain-owned service center where mechanics make more when they sell more; state government consumer protection office does little to help, May 1-4, 1988.
  • A Death in the Family

    Alabama Journal (Montgomery) reprints a Pulitzer Prize-winning series on infant mortality in Alabama; documents the causes (poverty, poor education, insufficient access to medical care, and a lack of transportation) and ramifications of the highest infant mortality rate of any state; notes the apparent apathy of state government.
  • Summer of Surveillance

    WAFB-TV (Baton Rouge) details a federal drug investigation that linked an Ohio cocaine dealer with people in Louisiana, including high officials in state government, October 1985.
  • State Government

    WBTV-TV (Charlotte, N.C.) finds North Carolina's attorney general failed to disclose a loan made to political supporters; the loan was part of a deal that helped them get thousands of dollars worth of state business, 1983.