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  • Charity Cheats?

    A Texas agency that disguises itself as a charity for troopers is actually a union collecting money to lobby politicians in Austin.
  • Racial Profiling Whitewash

    This KXAN investigation uncovered state and local law enforcement agencies wrongly reporting the race of minority drivers during traffic stops. KXAN analyzed more than 16 million Texas Department of Public Safety traffic stop records and revealed the state law enforcement agency systematically under-reported the number of minorities, mostly Hispanics, stopped on Texas roads by state troopers. The investigation questioned the validity of DPS racial profiling reports and led to immediate statewide changes in the way Texas troopers conduct traffic stops and record racial profiling data. KXAN found the same problem in the Austin Police Department which prompted an immediate audit of APD's traffic stop data and race recording practices which found APD in violation of the Texas racial profiling law.
  • What killed Kenwin Garcia?

    To most in New Jersey, Kenwin Garcia, a 25-year-old from Newark, was invisible. He had no job, no kids, and spent most days in his room at his father’s house listening to reggae. So when he died in 2008 after being restrained by state troopers on the side of a busy highway, few gave the incident more than passing notice. During the next six years, the story of Garcia’s death was systematically hidden from the public. Investigative files were kept secret. When Garcia’s family sued, a judge ordered that discovery be kept confidential. And when the family settled last year, the agreement required that no one discuss anything about the case. That all changed Oct. 1, when NJ Advance Media published a stunning expose about Garcia’s death in The Star-Ledger that revealed differing accounts of what happened, serious questions about the cause of death and how troopers treated Garcia, and conflicts of interest in the system that cleared them of wrongdoing. The five-month investigation and follow-up stories led to new legislation and major changes to trooper training.
  • Moonlight Patrol

    After a grueling odyssey through the Pennslyvania courts, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and the Associated Press obtained heavily redacted copies of 1,038 supplemental employment forms filed over the previous six and a half years by state troopers and the agency's civilian employees. Despite assurances to the contrary, the Trib uncovered numerous violations of statute and state regulations regarding the after-hours employment of the police.
  • Road to Nowhere:The men who are caught transporting illegal immigrants rarely pay the price

    A Colorado law passed to prohibit human smuggling has proven to be difficult to enforce. Most charges against human smugglers are dismissed or don't end up in court.
  • Crusier Crashes

    The Massachusetts State Troopers have caused nearly 500 cruiser crashes since 2000, most of which occurred while they were commuting or on regular patrol. However troopers are allowed to investigate themselves for accidents with less than $1000 in damages. "About 120 troopers have had four or more accidents over the past seven years."
  • Unsafe Trucks

    This investigation delved into the world of trucking in Alabama where there are too few state troopers, and even fewer inspectors. This story compared the number of truck inspections done in Alabama to other states and the consequences.
  • Badge of Privilege/Highway Patrol Coverage

    The authors investigated the Tennessee Highway Patrol and found an organization rife with cronyism, where political connections mattered more than skill at a traffic stop or enforcing the law, and a department that turned a blind eye to its own officers when they got in trouble.
  • The Racial-Profiling question

    The investigation shows that state troopers pull over white and minority drivers at the same rate. But once pulled over, minorities are searched more than twice as often as whites. The causes of the disparity range "from the benign to racial profiling by enough troopers to skew the numbers".
  • Safe Bet? Shield Booster Seats

    Cosco Inc., a subsidiary of Dorel Industries based in Canada in one of the largest manufacturers of child products in the world. Twice in the last ten years, the federal government has caught Cosco covering up injuries and deaths associated with tis products. Dateline NBC has compiled a comprehensive list of serious spinal chord injury and death cases associated with the Grand Explorer child seat and it predecessor, the Explorer. Other companies have discontinued all of their similar models and Cosco is the only company still selling this type of shield booster seat. Dateline talked to state troopers, attorneys, parents of children who died in accidents while riding on the seat, medical examiners, and government sources in this six-month investigation.