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    9NEWS, facing the inherently private healthcare industry, reveals how at-risk adults are currently stranded in Denver area hospitals because they have nowhere to go and nobody willing to take care of them.
  • Pennsylvania Turnpike investigation

    WTAE TV revealed waste, mismanagement and conflicts of interest at the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Emails showed turnpike officials congratulating themselves for their response to a storm that left more than 500 drivers stranded for more than 20 hours. Records revealed turnpike commissioners getting take-home cars even though they meet only once a month. Documents showed a turnpike commissioner cutting personal business deals with turnpike vendors. All this occurred as the turnpike hiked tolls and cut back on projects to deal with a financial crisis.
  • Veterans left stranded amid squalor, crime

    The collapse of a partnership between a non-profit and a crime-ridden apartment complex left the low-income veterans it sought to help living in squalid conditions. An investigation found that the complex had a history of failed inspections and as a crime nuisance; and that no contract existed to bind complex owners to their promises.
  • Mel Farr Under Fire

    WXYZ-TV reports that Mel "Farr's dealerships were delivering cars to customers before financing was complete. When the financing was denied, (Farr's) would repossess the car, leaving customers stranded and damaging their credit. This practice is known as spot delivery, and it is illegal in Michigan."
  • (Untitled)

    Houston Chronicle examines the exploitation of thousands of young people in the magazine clearinghouse industry; finds that young people are recruited to sell magazines door-to-door with promises of exciting travel and high commissions, but once they join a traveling crew, they are often abused by managers that use cult-like techniques to keep them working and cheat them out of their earnings; agents tell of being raped, of going hungry and of being stranded without money, Aug. 19 - 21, 1992.