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  • Dark days: City Hall's war on sunshine

    In its annual Freedom of Information special issue, the San Francisco Bay Guardian looks at the privitization of public policy, fueled by secretive "friends" groups. Also included are the results of an FOI lawsuit showing a pattern of abuse in the Richmond (Calif.) police department and an update of major FOI battles of the past year.
  • Martin County: Government in the Darkness

    Local politicians in Palm Beach, Martin and St. Lucie counties regularly break the law by settling lawsuits in secret. These officials routinely flouted the state's Sunshine Law, which allows them to discuss lawsuits in private, but not make any final decisions behind closed doors.
  • The Girard Legacy

    The Inquirer examines how the Board of City Trusts in Philadelphia has spent millions of dollars bequeathed to the city for charitable purposes on questionable investments.
  • (Untitled)

    The New Times examines the political system in Dade County. Issues discussed include the race-based selection of County Manager, the Sunshine Law, the controversial developement on the recently decommissioned Homestead Air Force Base, questionable county commission meetings, and a $700 million contract recently awarded to a single business firm. (January - October, 1995)
  • (Untitled)

    Miami Herald uncovers violations of the Florida Sunshine Law by Hollywood, Fla., officials; the mayor and city commissioners held a secret meeting regarding the purchase of a building, 1990.
  • The foundations of secrecy; A legacy of loopholes; Counting the closed doors

    In the fourth annual FOI issue, the Bay Guardian takes on California's Public Records Act, and reports on loopholes in the FOI law, how universities are using foundations to shield information.