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  • Hearts, Minds and Dollars: In an Unseen Front in the War on Terrorism, America is Spending Millions...To Change the Very Face of Islam

    This investigation revealed that the Bush Administration has approved a classified strategy to influence the future of Islam, and that conflicts within the Muslim faith are now considered a matter of "national security" to the United States. In at least two dozen countries, the U.S. government is funding Muslim imams, Islamic radio and TV shows, Muslim think tanks, political workshops and other programs that promote moderate Islam ideas.
  • The Lie Factory

    An investigative piece featured in Mother Jones, this article exposes a secret Pentagon unit which was established just weeks after the events of September 11. The unit, known as the Office of Special Plans, passed on intelligence from Iraq's weapons programs and Al Qaeda ties to Vice President Cheney. According the the questionnaire, the report "also traced the links between neo-conservative Washington think tanks that had for years advocated invading Iraq, and the Pentagon unit, which was under the direction of Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz and Undersecretary Douglas J. Feith."
  • Trade crusade

    There is a virtual cottage industry of new projects intended to persuade Americans that global trade is good. The patrons of these pro-trade campaigns are typically multinational businesses, trade associations, lobbying groups and Washington think tanks, all called into action by Congress's declining support for a variety of trade liberalization measures and its growing truculence toward such institutions as the International Monetary Fund. They have watched with alarm as labor, consumer, human rights and environmental groups have sown doubt about the wisdom of unfettered trade.
  • (Untitled)

    Emerge magazine investigates new conservative and libertarian think tanks which call themselves civil rights groups, but in reality, are closer to anit-civil-rights groups. With names like Institute for Justice, Campaign for a Color-Blind America, Landmark Legal Foundation or Center for New Black Leadership, the think tanks pose as champions of minority rights, but fight against job "quotas" or minority districting in an effort to correct reverse discrimination. (Sept. 1996)
  • (Untitled)

    During the 1993-94 election cycle, Indianapolis-based Golden Rule Insurance Co. made nearly $1 million in donations to Republicans. Mother Jones details the extraordinary access to Newt Gingrich and the Republican leadership that Golden Rule achieved. (January/February)