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  • "Trail of Chief's Ouster"

    In this article, Kauffman reveals the story behind the town manager who "abruptly ousted" the local police chief. The chief was investigating allegations of sexual harassment against the town manager, Jeffery O'Keefe, when he was "stripped of his job." After analyzing "thousands of emails" sent and received by O'Keefe, it seems the town manager started building a case to remove the chief the day after learning of the allegations against him.
  • Off the Record: Chicago City Council Committees Evade the law, experts say

    Chicago's 19 City Council committees were found to not have the required number of members in attendance or keep adequate public records, violating the Illinois Open Meetings Act.
  • Public Access Denied

    An investigation by seven New Jersey Gannett newspapers found that local government officials "routinely fail to provide public records to citizens who request them, violating the state's Open Public Records Act..." The newspapers sent investigators to "town halls, school board offices and police departments in 213 towns, covering roughly a third of all communities in the state. Their goal was to gauge the average citizen's access to information considered public under state law or under state court rulings." The three-part series also looks at how other states handle public records, the types of roadblocks citizens have to overcome to obtain public records and the stories of individuals who tried to get public information but were thwarted by the government.