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  • You, Too - The Public Cost of Sex Harassment

    In a three-month investigation, NBC5 Investigates, Telemundo Chicago, and the Better Government Association tracked down case after case of government employees in the Chicago area, accused of sexual misconduct, harassment, abuse, assault, or even rape. We filed nearly 2,000 public records requests for documents from local governmental agencies, and – so far – found it cost taxpayers $55 million over more than 400 cases. Tracking hundreds of lawsuits, complaints, and internal investigations filed over the past ten years, we found scores of complaints with local police departments, city halls, public schools, community colleges, park districts, townships and more.
  • Examination of Township Government

    This series examines township governments and looks at the effectiveness of them from a number of people. These stories revealed that these townships were reserving money, though funds and resources were tight, reducing the amount of taxpayer money available, and nepotism was frequent in the townships.
  • Illinois Townships: Bargain or Boondoggle?

    "Often overshadowed and overlooked, Illinois' 1,433 township governments last year collected almost half a billion dollars from taxpayers although many did not need the money and hundreds wound up spending as much on bureaucracy as on services. In September, for example, Benton Township paid $7,500 for two employees to pass out $500 in welfare to five needy people in Franklin County... Illinois clings to the tradition of its townships governments while neglecteing serious questions about their usefulness, such as: Are townships efficient grassroots government or outdated vestiges wasting millions to do jobs that overlap services already offered on wider scales by county, munincipal and state governments?"
  • Suburbs Bound

    The reports says that migration from cities to suburbs remains strong throughout the region. The townships closest to cities have added residents, while older boroughs have held steady in population or lost residents. The story further tells us why small municipalities in the counties around Philadelphia have gained at the city's expense.
  • Doubting Townships

    The News-Sun investigated Illinois townships. Established in 1847, townships were "charged with three primary functions: assessment of property, maintenance of roads in unincorporated areas and provision of assistance to the poor." Critics claim modern-day townships are unnecessary while proponents says they maintain a government closest to the people.