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  • Marine Corps Toxic Water

    "For nearly twenty years, the US Marine Corps knew thousands of Marines and their families had been exposed to toxic drinking water at a North Carolina training base. But most Marines were never told about their exposure to the toxins - until a Wisconsin woman called Fox 6 News." WITI-TV investigated the leak toxic chemicals into the water supply at Camp Lejeune, NC, that may have resulted in the contamination of nearly 200,000 Marines. The chemicals that leaked into the water supply at Camp Lejeune have been known to cause cancer, as well as birth defects, and may have affected more people than the Corps first realized.
  • Welcome to Meth Country

    "Toxic waste from clandestine (methamphetamine) labs in the rural West is being dumped on the land and into streams, sewage systems and landfills," Snell writes. One third of the chemicals that can be used to "cook" meth are extremely toxic, and some "are also reactive, explosive, flammable, and corrosive." In Apache County, Arizona, the cleanup for one large meth lab took three days of work and $100,000. Smaller labs usually cost around $3,000 to $4,000 to clean up. Meth lab operators often move to the areas where neighbors and law enforcement won't notice the smell of the meth being cooked. These areas, like parts of national forests and lands operated by the Bureau of Land Management, are threatened by the toxic chemicals that meth lab operators often dump in them.
  • U.S. plans to pay for ills from radiation

    This article reports on the Clinton administration's plan to "right the wrongs of the past" and compensate workers who were exposed to radiation and toxic chemicals while working at nuclear weapons plants. This decision "reversed decades of official denials," Warrick reports.
  • "State's No. 1 Polluter"

    This report details how one notorious steel mill contributed to northwest Indiana's status as one of the most polluted areas of the country. Profiles of local residents and factory workers provide insight.
  • What the atomic age left behind

    750 feet from the Colorado River, radioactive material is leaking from an immense pile of nuclear waste and toxic chemicals. Every day as much of 28,800 gallons of the stuff is seeping into the Colorado River. The river provides San Diego County with over half of its water.
  • 1994 IRE TV Award Winners and Finalists Tape.

    The 1994 IRE TV Award Winners and Finalists Tape is a compilation of 5 stories. 1.) "Jihad In America," PBS, SAE Productions. For this network of extreme Islamic militants, Jihad is a holy war, an armed struggle to defeat non-believers and establish an Islamic empire in America. See # 10650. 2.) "Mercy or Money," Turning Point, ABC News. A year-long investigation into Americans profitting from the war in Bosnia. A woman who claims to run a charity but was she out to help the kids or help herself? The miracle of how some children were saved and the outrage over what happened to the rest. Including a five-year-old girl who lost her leg in a bombing, has bags under her eyes becuase she lies awake at night listening to gunfire. See #10962. 3.) "Toxic Testing," KCTA, St. Paul. In 1953, the Army secretely sprayed thousands of Americans with toxic chemicals, who nevr knew they were the subject of a nationwide experiment. See # 10646.
  • The Air We Breathe

    An analysis of EPA data shows that New Jersey has a high level of toxic chemicals in the air. The report includes maps of hazardous chemical concentrations and gives small tips for maintaining air quality.
  • Diluted Enforcement: State watchdog lags in policing water polluters

    For decades, Minnesota has enjoyed a national reputation as a leader in environmental enforcement. In an investigation it was found that this reputation no longer exist. Citties and industries, large and small, have been allowed to release toxic chemicals into the air and water repeatedly with little fear of punishment by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA).
  • Toxic deception: How the Chemical industry manipulates service, bends the law and endangers your health

    Toxic Deception documents how the federal departments and agencies that are supposed to protect American consumers, farmers and workers from toxic chemicals have failed as watchdogs because they have been defanged by manufacturers and industry groups.
  • Broken trust: The failed cleanup at the Massachusetts Military Reservation

    Chemical pollution flows from the Massachusetts Military Reservation contaminates the region's fragile water supply at the rate of 3 million gallons a day, threatening the health of Cape Cod residents. The Cape Cod Times finds that although the site was declared a federal Superfund site in 1989, the plumes of toxic chemicals continue their destruction.