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  • Unequal Risk

    The Center for Public Integrity’s “Unequal Risk” series highlights a long-neglected public health crisis: The deaths of some 50,000 people a year from work-related illnesses and the shamefully weak regulations governing toxic exposures on the job. Academics and advocates are pointing to our work to call attention to this grossly overlooked problem.
  • Wasting Away: Superfund's Toxic Legacy

    An analysis of the EPA's Superfund program listing nearly 100 companies responsible for more than 40 percent of America’s most contaminated sites. Since the Superfund’s creation in 1980, of the 700 sites less than one in five have been cleaned up or removed from the list. From 1998 to 2005, the companies spent more than $1 billion lobbying to the federal government and contributed more than $120 million to federal campaigns.