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  • The Trans Train

    The number of teenage girls who are seeking transgender care, has increased with thousands of percentages over the last couple of years. Many of them suffer from other diagnoses, such as Asbergers, ADHD, and self harm behavior. We could reveal that despite this being a new group in the trans gender health care clinics, they get the same treatments as previous patients in the trans gender care sector. Their bodies are transformed with hormones and transgender corrective surgery; sometimes it’s only a matter of weeks from the first visit at the clinic until the treatment commences.
  • Transgender travelers singled out in TSA screenings, docs show

    The story reveals details of incidents in which transgender people were subject to heightened scrutiny when passing through US airport security checkpoints.
  • Why Did The U.S. Lock Up These Women With Men?

    For transgender immigrants fleeing transphobic countries, asylum in the U.S. can mean the difference between life and death. But instead of finding refuge from persecution sexual assault and harassment in the U.S., transgender women are routinely thrown into America’s immigration detention system where they experience the same attacks they were were escaping in the first place. A six-month Fusion investigation revealed for the first time ever that immigration authorities detain about 75 transgender people on any given night. The investigation also found that while transgender detainees only account for one of every 500 detainees, one of every five victims of confirmed sexual assaults in detention involved transgender victims
  • The Trials of Jamaican Gays Can the national culture move toward tolerance?

    Jamaica is famous for its Caribbean beaches, relaxed attitudes. Behind that veneer is a hostile home for lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgender people. After one recent grizzly death, where a mob that killed 16-year-old Dwayne Jones, the nation’s top law enforcement officer proclaimed that Jamaica did not have a problem with intolerance. Documents, data and interviews told a much different story. Plus a strong US connection: how our country is feeling the effects of Jamaica’s anti-gay climate, as gay refugees seek political asylum in the United States, and many are getting that protection.
  • The High Price of Looking Like a Woman

    "This story looks into the illegal practices of injecting silicone into the body in the transgender community"
  • Disposable People

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  • Disposable People

    This article chronicles a series of murders of transgendered women in Washington D.C., and investigates the national problem of hate crimes against the transgender community. Through interviews with family members, friends, activists, local police and hate-crime experts, the story explores the causes and consequences of anti-transgender hatred. Finally, the Reporter finds that 14 transgendered women were murdered in possible hate crimes in 2002 and 13 in the first nine months of 2003.
  • To Be Poor and Transgender

    The Progressive looks at the stigma that follows the transgender people, "this latest American identity group," in their everyday lives. "From employment to health services, transgender folks, particularly those in low-income environments, face enormous barriers when navigating even the most basic aspects of life-all because of their gender transgressions." The analysis finds that one of the major problems is "the need for accessible counseling and medical supervision..."