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  • Carnival Safety Investigation

    Inside Edition sent a producer with hidden cameras to work at several traveling carnivals around the country where he uncovered major drug use by some of the carnival ride operators. In addition to capturing "ride jockeys" abusing (and dealing) drugs just minutes before they began operating major thrill rides popular with children and young adults, our producer also observed several serious safety issues inherent in the traveling carnival industry. Among these safety issues were questionable hiring practices, inadequate training policies and dangerous mechanical issues on multiple rides.
  • Thrills Spills

    A three-day, computer assisted series which examined ride injuries at New Jersey amusement parks and traveling carnivals. The investigation found that there were 1,000 injuries over four years, including broken necks, broken limbs, concussions, and serious cuts. Some ride owners, especially carnivals, flout state law and don't bother reporting. The state has slashed the number of inspectors nearly in half. Inspectors fail to determine how accidents happended, and sometimes fail to contact victims to get their side. Parks are rarely fined; when the are fined, the amount is minimal, even when riders are killed or severely injured.