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  • Pennsylvania Turnpike investigation

    WTAE TV revealed waste, mismanagement and conflicts of interest at the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Emails showed turnpike officials congratulating themselves for their response to a storm that left more than 500 drivers stranded for more than 20 hours. Records revealed turnpike commissioners getting take-home cars even though they meet only once a month. Documents showed a turnpike commissioner cutting personal business deals with turnpike vendors. All this occurred as the turnpike hiked tolls and cut back on projects to deal with a financial crisis.
  • Garden State Parkway anti-terrorist fence

    The New Jersey Turnpike Authority paid a politically-connected contractor to build a $250,000 security fence around a South Jersey bridge identified as a terrorist target. Local officials said the issue was never discussed with them first and that the fence was wasteful. The NJTA refused to discuss details of the study that led to the fencing. Meanwhile, the public scoffed at the idea of the fencing, which they criticized as unsightly, wasteful and ineffective. One of our stories highlighted the project's flaws when a Press reporter found an open gate that fishermen said they used daily to get to a favorite spot under the targeted bridge. Public outrage over the project led the highway authority to remove the fence, but not before South Jersey lawmakers introduce legislation that would require the North Jersey based highway authority to include South Jersey representation.
  • Degrees of Justice

    Higgins told the story of Charles Plinton, a graduate student at the University of Akron. The story begins when Plinton was suspended for selling marijuana to a police informant just weeks after being acquitted of felony drug trafficking charges. The story ends with his suicide a year later on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.
  • "No Brakes on Cash for Turnpike"

    Investigation found that for nearly 20 years, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission has spent billions of dollars, forcing motorists and taxpayers to pick up the tab for decades to come. It was also found even with the 44% toll increase set for August it still needs billions more for projects that are underway.
  • Racial Profiling by State Police

    A Star-Ledger investigation of the claim that State Troopers practiced racial profiling --" stopping vehicles solely because their drivers were black or Hispanic" -- revealed that 75 percent of New Jersey Turnpike arrests were of minorities. While state authorities downplayed this statistic, the Star-Ledger discovered a number of other statistics and individual stories that pointed to racism among the troopers.
  • Turnpike arrests: 73% minority

    The Newark, NJ Star-Ledger reports that amid mounting evidence that some state troopers target minority drivers on the New Jersey Turnpike, the Attorney General's Office released new statistics showing, for a second time, that three of four drivers arrested on the highway are minorities. Critics of the State Police have seized on the figures, saying they bolstered the arguments that troopers stop drivers on the Turnpike because of their skin color. The practice, known as racial profiling, has become a focal point of at least four investigations involving the U.S. Department of Justice, the state Attorney General's Office and the State Police itself.
  • Inevitable Impasse

    Maj. Aaron Campbell, a Dade County police officer, was arrested alongside a portion of the Florida Turnpike in Orange County last April by Cpl. Richard Mankewich of the Orange County Sheriff's Department. Campbell thought he was treated unfairly, and a video-taped scuffle ensued after backup officers arrived. The incident raised questions of whether or not the traffic stop was racially motivated.
  • (Untitled)

    In this Plain Dealer story it is disclosed that two clients of the insurance agency owned by the chairman of the Ohio Turnpike Commission are on the team that last year began helping to design and build the turnpike's third-lane project. Turnpike Chairman Umberto Fedeli did not list those relationships in his financial disclosure statement for 1995. (August 18, 1996)
  • (Untitled)

    The Post-Gazette analyzes Pennsylvania's legislative approval for a gas tax increase of up to 8 cents a gallon, appropriating one cent of that to the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission in addition to the 0.7 cents the quasi-state agency now receives. Critics contend that most of this spending was unnecessary or excessive. (Nov.5,1995)
  • (Untitled)

    Middlesex News (Framingham, Mass.) investigates the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority, uncovering patronage, nepotism, exorbitant salaries, no-bid contracts, and plans to keep charging tolls although the road has already paid for itself, Feb. 22-27, 1987.