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  • Human for sale 'dons' exposed

    "This cross border investigative story unmasked a complex web of human trafficking syndicate operating in the West African sub region where young girls and in some cases children are sold into prostitution in Europe and America. The eight month long investigative scoop finally led to the smashing of the syndicate in a sting operation led by this journalist. 17 girls who were about to be sold were eventually rescued in the operation, with two suspects busted.
  • Army Recruitment - Desperate Tactics

    The authors explored the tactics used by the Bronx recruiting office to increase number of enlistees. The report documented the first case of enlistment fraud since personal re-training on May 20. Despite being technically ineligible for recruitment due to a positive drugs test, allergy and other prescription drug usage the undercover reporter was shown ways to get around the rules. As a result of the report the Army is conducting an internal investigation.
  • Serving Up Trouble

    ABC News 20/20 used hidden cameras to survey 15 New York area bars to see if bartenders would serve alcohol to the "obviously drunk." 20/20, which trained their undercover reporters to appear drunk, bartenders would serve the drunk 70 percent of the time.
  • I Got My CDL In One Day

    WTAE-TV investigated Pennsylvania's testing system for commercial drivers licenses. After only six hours of training, an undercover reporter was able to obtain the license at Allstate Career school, one of the private companies contracted to give CDL tests.
  • (Untitled)

    Chronicle-Telegram series investigates violations of proper medical procedure that occurred at a 24-hour clinic at which licensed physicians and unlicensed practitioners prescribed massive amounts of drugs to patients and undercover reporters; series resulted in a grand jury investigation.