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  • Moonlighting City Workers

    Fox news in Philadelphia reports as two employees of the Philadephia Board of Revision of Taxes were found to have been "working private jobs while on city time." One of the workers was a licensed funeral director, caught "attending funerals and meeting grieving families in the middle of his city work day." The other "was caught on tape working in his bar and shopping for beer and supplies" while on the city of Philadelphia's clock. Their timesheets indicated they had each claimed the time out at other jobs as time spent working for the city. In the end, the funeral director resigned, and the bar owner was fired by the city.
  • Desperate Appointment

    Using undercover surveillance, KNXV reporters exposed Mexican dentists who crossed the border to perform illegal weekend procedures on illegal immigrants. The cash-only operation, which usually took place in the back of homes and in abandoned trailers, operated under the state dental board's radar. In some instances, patients risk serious infection at the hands of unlicensed dentists. As a result of the investigation, two of the dentist practices were shut down and KNXV was able to open up phone lines to "help people who needed dental care from licensed clinics."
  • "Roughed up at recess"

    Undercover surveillance at 52 schools representing five of the state's largest school districts revealed how widespread violence and bullying were on the playground. The investigation focused on the problem of bullying and its causes, contributing factors and possible solutions. The set of stories now serve as educational tools for parents, teachers and administrators statewide.