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  • Reuters: Immigration under Trump

    Over the last two years, the Trump administration has driven rapid and unprecedented change to the United States immigration system, implementing tougher apprehension, prosecution and detention policies for migrants who come to the country illegally. Reuters has stayed ahead of policy changes, often breaking exclusive news before official announcements. We have also used data to expose where administration policies have failed and to highlight inequities in the system. In these stories, we have relied heavily on a Department of Justice database known as the Case Management System. Reuters obtains the data set, which is used by the DOJ’s Executive Office for Immigration Review to schedule all court appearances, through monthly Freedom of Information Act requests.
  • Unlawful Entry; A State of Denial

    "On September 29, 1999, Denver's war on drugs claimed its latest casualty- a Mexican national named Ismael Mena, who was shot by SWAT officers who'd burst into the wrong house. Mena's death triggered a 'Westword' investigation of police policies regarding no-knock warrants, revealing how easily warrants could be obtained on minimal evidence, with little review, producing arrests that yielded scant drugs or convictions but frequently risked the lives of innocent bystanders. A sidebar presented an exclusive interview with the key informant in the case, explaining how he was recruited into the drug war, functioned as an ambitious officer's primary (and possibly only) informant, and made the error in identification that proved fatal to Mena."
  • Unlawful Entry

    The Westword reports on how some of Denver police's reliance on no-knock warrants and confidential informants for drug busts led to the death of an innocent man.