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  • Insult to Injury

    As Tesla races to revolutionize the automobile industry and build a more sustainable future, it has left its factory workers in the past, still painfully vulnerable to the dangers of manufacturing. Our reporting shows that Tesla prioritized speed over safety, ignored its own safety experts and denied proper medical care to injured workers. And in order to make its safety record look better than it really is, Tesla has kept injuries off the books. Our radio segments take listeners into the factory and behind the scenes, as whistleblowers tell their secrets and workers show the toll on their lives.
  • On The Line at IBP.

    A worker's hand gets cut off once every five years at IBP meat processing plant. Management says that's not a problem. The company's cost-control strategy...a system that relies on the plant's easily intimidated, largely immigrant, replenishable work force its complaisant union and business-friendly laws. Zimmerman showed up while she was still waiting to have surgery. He got her to sign the waiver, with her left hand (she is right-handed), while she was heavily drugged. She has no memory of signing it.

    KCOP-TV (Los Angeles) looks at health problems among workers at the Lockheed complex where the Stealth jet fighters are made; finds the illnesses are related to the manufacture of composite plastic material in unsafe working conditions, Sept. 19 - 20, 1988.
  • The Vanishing Family: Crisis in Black America

    ABC News 20/20 reports on unsafe working conditions in the nation's meatpacking industry, telling how workers are exploited and why safety measures are failing, Nov. 6, 1987.