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  • Kaiser Health News: Liquid Gold

    Doctors across the U.S. are becoming millionaires by setting up private, on-site labs and testing urine samples for legal and illegal drugs. The simple tests are costing the U.S. government and American insurers $8.5 billion a year -- more than the entire budget of the Environmental Protection Agency, a groundbreaking investigation by Kaiser Health News showed. Doctors are testing patients - even the elderly - for opioids as well as street drugs like PCP or cocaine that almost never turn up positive. And the payoff is stunning: Testing a tiny cup of urine can bring in thousands of dollars – up to $17,000 in some cases. Yet there are no national standards for who gets tested, for what, or how often.
  • "Testing the Drg Testers"

    WJLA-TV (Washington) airs series investigating accuracy of drug testing labs; undercover company supplied spiked and altered urine samples to commercial labs and found 82 percent error rate, Feb. 15-19 and Dec. 23, 1987.
  • (Untitled)

    Army Times runs series on problems in the Air Force and Army system of testing personnel for drug use, including mishandling of urine samples at a testing lab, improper analysis of female personnel test results, and problems with lab inspections.