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  • The Secret Test

    Undercover footage reveals how doctors are carrying out “virginity tests” on girls against their will in publicly funded hospitals. The team approached a number of doctors across Sweden. One victim 15 at the time of her test describes the ordeal as rape and torture. The viewer gets an insight as to what is really happening in the doctors room, when the doctor isn’t aware that they are being filmed. The problem with virginity tests comes from the myth of the hymen- membrane in the female reproductive tract – that does not exist. A unique story that shows how some of the most vulnerable persons in the society are being subjected to virginity tests that experts compare to rape and torture – from the very persons that are supposed to help them – the doctors.
  • (Untitled)

    New Times tells the story of Benita Venegas, a girl robbed of her hearing at birth, robbed of a homelife by an indifferent mother and of her virginity at age 12, becoming a mother at age 14. Her mother, Amelia Fernandez, allowed two adult brothers to use her as a sex toy for a three-year period. Now, her foster parents can't fathom why Child Protective Services Phoenix police detectives and Maricopa County prosecutors ignored the girl's plight for so long--even after receiving more than two dozen complaints from school officials about sexual and physical abuse. (Oct. 13 - 19, 1994)