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  • Deutsche Welle: Why few visas are issued for Africans wanting to come to Germany

    Following the refugee crisis that had many people dying on the dangerous journey to Europe, politicians promised to create more legal pathways to the bloc. These legal pathways could come in form of long-term visas. With Germany being one of the prime destinations for asylum-seekers, we evaluated how promising applications from different regions are.
  • Exploited in Paradise

    Hundreds of foreign fishermen without visas are confined to American boats for years at a time in Hawaii, due to a federal loophole that allows them to work but exempts them from most basic labor protections.
  • The $500,000 Green Card: The EB-5 Visa Program

    A year-long ABC News investigation focused on one of the most obscure paths to a U.S. visa and green card -- one being aggressively marketed to wealthy foreigners, and one that whistleblowers say is being exploited by criminals, spies, and possibly even terrorists. It is the story of the $500,000 Green Card -- a path to legal residency that begins with an offer by a wealthy foreign national to invest half-a-million dollars in an approved project that promises to create American jobs.
  • To Adopt A Child

    The story looks at the murky world of international adoption. The United States has long been one of the biggest participants in overseas adoptions. But over the last few years, as cases of fraud and corruption have surfaced around the world, the U.S. has clamped down on questionable adoptions. Since 2004, the annual number of visas the U.S. issues for international adoption has dropped by 50 percent.
  • Little Known Colleges Exploit Loopholes to Make Millions Off Foreign Students

    The Chronicle found numerous colleges -- most of them unaccredited -- exploit byzantine federal regulations, enrolling almost exclusively foreign students and charging them upward $3,000 for a chance to work legally in the United States. Enabled by lax state regulations, these colleges usher in thousands of foreign students and generate millions of dollars in profit because they have the power, bestowed by the U.S. government, to help students get visas.
  • "Document Dilemma"

    In a series of stories, a group of reporters investigates the illegal handling of passports and visas by criminals, the wealthy and the politically connected. Corruption and bribery often overshadow the legal process of global travel and obtaining citizenship.
  • Indentured Doctors

    Throughout the United States foreign doctors are being cheated out of wages, coerced into unfair contracts and being kept away from medically needy patients because their bosses are the ones sponsoring their visas. They work for medical residency and are allowed to live in cities and rural areas with shortage of physicians so long as they work full-time. The program was started by the government, but since its creation there has been little oversight to the abuse of the doctors.
  • Tech CEOs Lobby for Immigration Break Enjoyed by Baseball Stars

    "The story focused on how technology companies lobbied Congress to secure little-known visas for foreign-born employees. The tech industry was seeking immigration exemptions similar to those that professional sports teams receive for athletes."
  • "Nuclear Security Problems: Los Alamos Lab Security"

    CBS News reporters uncover security lapses in Los Alamos National Laboratory, a U.S. weapons laboratory. In some cases the labs failed to check visas and passports of foreign workers, even after the 9-11 attacks. Two former employees were fired after trying to expose acts of fraud and mismanagement within the labs. The reports also showed that a large number of equipment and supplies were "missing" and/or "stolen," many of which cost thousands or millions of tax dollars. Reporters also exposed a misappropriation of even more tax dollars as some employees were discovered to have spent millions on "questionable purchases" for VCRs, trips to the spa, and diamond rings. One employee who was trusted with a million dollar a month credit line charged a $30,000 custom Mustang to the government credit card, and received no penalty for her actions.
  • Indentured in America

    A federal law permits certain Pacific Islanders the right to work in America without visas. That law gives some employers just what they need to entice Micronesians and Marshall Islanders to move to the US to handle certain jobs that Americans just don't want to do, like change bedpans and work at McDonalds. Often the workers are told they will be learning a new trade in America, and when they sign a contract to come to the US for at least two years, they are, essentially, stuck.