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    San Francisco Bay Guardian's 16 - story investigation of the California State Government concludes that special interests control legislation; looks at the Fair Political Pracitces Commission, which was established as a watchdog agency to attack state corruption, but does little; state legislators hold outside jobs that present conflicts of interests; details the conflicts of interests of Willie Brown, speaker of the assembly; California Newspaper Publishers Association acts like a traditional big-business lobby, Sept. 27, 1989.
  • series

    San Jose Mercury News exposes the cozy relationship between the Fair Political Practices Commission, California's political watchdog agency, and the politicians it is supposed to monitor, May-September 1987.
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    San Francisco Bay Guardian publishes its annual list compiled by Project Censored, a national media watchdog panel, on the 10 most important under-reported news stories of the year, June 11, 1986.
  • In the Name of God

    WJXT-TV (Jacksonville) examines the methods, practices, power and politics of the television evangelists who, because of their religious status, can wield tremendous influence on millions of viewers outside the purview of any government or watchdog agency, Sept. 8, 1985.
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    WTLC Radio (Indianapolis) looks at past corruption in Indiana government and weaknesses in current laws that could lead to more corruption; makes recommendations, including establishing a "super watchdog" commission and expanding authority of State Ethics Commission and attorney general, 1984 and 1985.
  • Military Series

    ABC News 20/20 report on military waste focuses on the expense of spare parts, "revolving door" problem--military watchdogs going to work for defense contractors--and waste and high-spending by one contractor: Pratt & Whitney, 1983.
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    UPI and Better Government Association does 10 - part series, "American Royalty," on government officials and agencies living high on the hog at taxpayer expense; topics include congressional overseas travel abuses, unauthorized use of military transport and the Pentagon supplying free travel and expensive entertainment to its congressional watchdogs, February 1982.
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    Wall Street Journal article finds close ties between Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the commodities industry--which it is supposed to regulate--under the Reagan administration; supposed watchdog is more like a puppy, August 1984.
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    Atlanta Journal and Constitution runs series on independent telephone companies in Georgia that charge high rates for poor service and in turn use those funds for personal gain; series also examines improprieties on the part of watchdog agencies that conducted shoddy, incomplete audits of the firms.