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    In this NBC Nightly News investigation, Mark Fuhrman's record of abuse in Los Angeles P.D. is revealed. The report explained how Fuhrman attempted to cash in on the Simpson trial before it even began by trying to sell his story to movie producers, already knowing he would be the star witness in the trial. (August 29, 1995)
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    This package revealed how one of Gov. Pete Wilson's top administration officials covered up a parole board sex scandal that could have proved to be a messy problem for Gov. Wilson's 1994 re-election campaign. Shortly thereafter, Wilson promoted that same official, a member of the governor's appointments staff, to the state's top ethics watchdog. (April 16, 1995)
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    The watchdog agency in Indiana charged with enforcing the state's campaign finance laws does an inadequate job. THe AP uncovered dozens of violations-all of which state regulators never noticed-during their own computer-assisted analysis of more than 14,000 campaign contributions. The problem is made worse by obvious loopholes in Indiana's campaign laws, and by low funding for the State Election Board, whose purse strings are controlled by the same lawmakers it is supposed to regulate. (Aug. 4 - 6, 1995)
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    The Center for Investigative Reporting uncovered and documented fraud, mismanagement and questionable financial practices across the nation's Better Business Bureau system in a two-part series. The privately-funded network of 163 bureaus and branch offices, supervised by a national council in Washington, has been plagued by financial instability and conflicts of interest that have seriously eroded its credibility and undermined its claims of veing an ethical, impartial and efficient public service organization. (Sept. - Oct., 1995)
  • Who's Minding the Store

    SmartMoney find that the Securities and Exchange Commission is not doing a good job of policing mutual funds, inspectors are young, inexperienced and low paid and that there's a good chance that if these watchdogs do uncover anything, investors will never hear of it, and that violations are plenty. (October 1994)
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    Akron Beacon Journal reveals that Medicaid, while reputed to be woefully inadequate in its payments, is a source of enormous profit for many physicians and nursing home owners; finds that state watchdog agencies ask few questions about the quality of service provided, nor do they ask how much profit is enough for health care that is heavily reliant on government subsidy, 1992.
  • Ohuio House GOP minority knuckles under; Fast track for horse racing in Ohio House; House GOP leader finagled big tax break

    Akron Beacon Journal examines the close relationship between the state speaker of the house and house minority leader; finds that the minority leader has abandoned his watchdog post; also finds a tight relationship between a horse racing track, of which the minority leader is general manager, and the state legislature; legislation favorable to racing sailed through the legislature; three-part series.
  • "Sleeping Watchdog: How Regulatory Error Led to the Disaster at Lincoln Savings'

    This report looks at Charles Keating Jr., architect of the Lincoln Savings Loan scandal, who profited from a systematic breakdown of government supervision, including an often timid regulatory bureaucracy preoccupied with petty turf wars, and a White House and Congress that looked the other way while taxpayers lost nearly $3 billion.
  • "What the Smartest Man in Washington Doesn't Understand. And Why It Will Hurt You. While OMB Fiddles With Numbers, Washington Burns."

    This report examines how political oversight of what one scholar once called the "Eyes and Ears of the President" - the Office of Management and Budget - allowed the Bush presidency to slip needlessly into billion-dollar windfalls, from Savings & Loan scandals to faulty nuclear power plants to a crisis at Housing and Urban Development.
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    Government Executive asks if the Office of Government Ethics is a vigilant watchdog or a toothless terrier; recounts appearance of conflict of interest by Edwin Meese.