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  • Investigation, Audit Reveals Past Mismanagement by Gore's Campaign Manager

    This three-story report examines Al Gore's 2000 campaign chairman Tony Coelho when he was Commissioner General for the U.S. Pavilion at the 1998 World Exposition in Lisbon, Portugal. This report investigates Coelho's abuse of power when he held this position, including how he used taxpayer money for his personal use.
  • Belying His Rhetoric, McCain Worked for Megamerger Sought by Campaign Patron AT&T

    The Public i - an Investigative Report of the Center for Public Integrity reports that "The McCain-AT&T (report) was one of the first (reports) run in the 2000 presidential election cycle that tested Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)'s record on special interests. The (report) traced a sequence of events beginning in April, 1999, that indicated McCain might have acted on behalf of a major political patron, AT&T, and might have pressured the Federal Communications Commission to let the merger pass."
  • Those Were Our Children

    ABC News 20/20 reports "an investigation of the sale of truck drivers' licenses in exchange for campaign contributions to the campaign of the man who is now Governor of the state of Illinois, George Ryan. The Reverend Scott Willis and his wife Janet lost six children, all burned alive in a horrific accident ... the Willis' questions about the accident and the qualifications of the truck driver would begin to expose a major political scandal in the state of Illinois that would affect highway safety across the country.... centered on allegations that state employees were exchanging truck driving licenses for bribes and campaign contributions from trucking companies and truck driving schools....
  • A Glimpse of Hell: The Explosion on the USS Iowa and Its Coverup

    Charles C. Thompson II, a former television producer, reports about the Navy investigation of the onboard explosion that killed 47 men on the USS Iowa April 19, 1989. He finds that "a conspiracy existed at the highest levels of the Navy to find (gunner's mate Clayton) Hartwig guilty in order to deflect blame from senior commanders who allowed such deplorable conditions to exist on a man-of-war."
  • Scandal on Wall Street

    "In a six-month investigation, Business Week found major improprieties at the American Stock Exchange. In contrast to its serene public image as a technologically savvy, scandal-free market for trading of stocks and options, Business Week found a veritable snake pit of improper trading and investor ripoffs."
  • Lasting Impact: How an Internal Memo Written 26 Years Ago is Costing GM Dearly

    The Wall Street Journal reports that the "...Revelations fan a settlement in fuel-tank fire case; huge sums now at risk. A jury comes away livid...Critical among those documents are lawyers' notes of two interviews with Edward C. Ivey, who as a low-level engineer in 1973 wrote an internal memo examining the cost to GM of deaths by post-collision fuel-tank fires...The Ivey memo and related documents promised to haunt GM at the Atlanta trial -- and could yet in the many cases that remain..."
  • 1998 IRE TV Award Winners and Finalists Tape.

    The 1998 TV Award Winners and Finalists Tape is a compilation of 12 investigative stories. 1.) "Tomb of the Unknowns," CBS News. A 13-part series that forced the government to face the truth about how it defaced one of the nation's most sacred shrines and denied a grieving mother the truth about her son. See #15332. 2.) "The Deadly Trade in Fake Medicine," CBS News, 60 Minutes. Substandard medicine marketed by a secret network of manufacturers, peddlers make fortunes and regulators have failed to stop this deadly trade. See #15241. 3.) "Abuse of Power." ABC News 20/20. The U.S. military's power to strike back at personnel who are critical. Whistleblowers who expose misconduct, waste, fraud and abuse are told they are mentally ill. See #15282. 4.) "Shell Game." NBC News Dateline. A hidden camera investigation inside a plant that processes 2 million eggs a day, reveals eggs up to a month old, are mixed in with fresh eggs, rewashed, repacked and sold like new. See #15236. 5.) "Doublecross." ABC Primetime. This investigation reveals how the United States government turned a drug smuggler into a top informant and then allowed him to distribute cocaine into the United States. See #15251. 6.) "Fake Doctors, Real Dangers." CBS-2 News, Los Angeles. This series uncovers fake doctors all over Southern California running illegal clinics. See #15259. 7.) "Impact: Forced Sterilization." WXYZ investigates into the sterilization of thousands of men, women and children by the state government in Michigan. See #15373. 8.) "Oath of Silence." WMAQ. This four-month investigation exposes secret malpractice settlements that are costing taxpayers millions of dollars. See #15373. 9.) "Troubled Transit." WTXF, Philadelphia. This three-month investigation of the Septa Public Transit in Philadelphia reveals some of the transit workers are not doing the jobs the taxpayers are paying them to do. See #15221. 10.) "Olympic Bribery Scandal." KTVX. Salt Lake Olympic Organizers have been spending thousands of dollars to pay the college tuition of international Olympic associate's relatives. See # 15201. 11.) "Stadium Investigation." WCPO, Cincinnati. Hamilton County in Cincinnati have spent more than a billion dollars to build and finance a new stadium, promising more business for minorities and women. A five-month investigation uncovers many broken promises. 12.) "Mismanagement 101." KWTV, Oklahoma City. Millions of dollars in overspending, fraud, waste and allegations of cover-up. Example; 50 construction employees were diverted from air conditioning the elementary school to building an all automatic, high-tech bathroom located just outside the superintendent's office. See # 15303.
  • In Harm's Way, But In the Dark: Workers Exposed to Plutonium at U.S. Plant

    The Washington Post reports that "Thousands of uranium workers were unwittingly exposed to plutonium and other highly radioactive metals (in Paducah, KY) at a federally owned plant where contamination spread through work areas, locker rooms and even cafeterias....Today, the Department of Energy contends that worker exposure was minimal and that contamination is being cleaned up. A lawsuit filed under seal in June by three current plant employees alleges that radiation exposure was a problem at Paducah well into the 1990s...."
  • Tainting Evidence; Inside the Scandals at the FBI Crime Lab

    Tainted Evidence shows, with evidence culled from thousands of pages of FBI memos, lab reports, internal investigations and dozens of interviews, including conversations with lab chemist Frederic Whitehurst, the FBI's first whistleblower, how the FBI lab has compromised the forensic work in some of the biggest cases of the century: the Oklahoma City bombing, the Unabomber case, the O.J. Simpson prosecution and the World Trade Center explosion.
  • Bureaucracy Out of Control

    The investigation found that the Southwest Florida Water Management District, a government entity created by Florida's constitution, was out of control. The agency violated public records laws, lied to the E.P.A., falsified test results, and forced a whistleblower out when she discovered that the District spent thousands on a weekend for executives at a resort.