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  • On sale at Cook County Jail: drugs, guns - and deputies

    Chicago Magazine reports on staff corruption at the Cook County jail; finds that guards regularly supply inmates with illicit drugs; follows the case of a whistleblower who was fired and received death threats for his actions.
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    Freedom Magazine (Los Angeles) investigates allegations by Internal Revenue Service whistleblowers that the IRS invalidated thousands of individual tax assessments totalling as much as $13 billion; claims were made that the IRS covered up the mistake, December 1990.
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    Potomac News (Woodbridge, Va.) investigates U.S. Army tests of electromagnetic pulses, an energy burst from a nuclear blast that disables electrical devices; Army did not follow federal environmental laws regarding possible health risks to the population; EMPs were identified as a possible carcinogen, April 9 - 13, 1990.
  • Rocky Flats fraud: 17-year secret

    Daily Camera investigates the Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant, finding Department of Energy officials and top scientists involved in elaborate gifts-and goods-making operation. The investigation also disclosed gifts that went to DOE officials, plant employees and officials of Rockwell International, which runs the plant. The department's scheme cost taxpayers millions of dollars over 17 years.
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    Common Cause Magazine article, "Whistleblower," says Rockwell International fired an employee who reported the company instructs employees to charge for their time spent on the B-1 bomber and other projects to the company's space shuttle contract; government and private industry interdependence questioned, March/April 1984.
  • Corruption in the Defense Contract Audit Agency

    Washington Times runs series on harassment and discrimination by superiors of a whistleblower at Defense Contract Audit Agency; articles also link generals to defense contractor Pratt & Whitney.