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    Minneapolis Star and Tribune runs series on the use of "front" companies by white male contractors to subvert government programs designed to help minorities and women, September 1984.
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    Quad-City Times (Davenport, Iowa) exposes a lucrative mail order organization with 15,000 paying members who believed they would one day be united in an idyllic retreat with 49 young women existing to serve the men's every need and pleasure, June 1983.
  • The Bendectin Cover-up

    Mother Jones describes how Benedictin, a drug prescribed to pregnant women for nausea, may have caused thousands of Thalidomide-like birth defects. Both the FDA and the drug's manufacturer, Richardson-Merrell have reports which indicate the drugs effects, yet both the government and the company have ignored the studies.
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    Mother Jones article says millions of women in developing countries are being injected with Depro-Provera, a contraceptive, under U.S. - sponsored programs, despite its being linked to tumors in animals and the FDA's refusal to approve it for domestic use, November 1981.
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    Willamette Week (Portland) article finds a higher percentage of Oregon women have hysterectomies than the national average; many of them are unnecessary, April 1979.
  • Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers

    Riverfront Times (St. Louis) investigates three health centers advertising free pregnancy tests; the centers were pro-life operations that harassed and coerced women seeking prenatal information.
  • At Any Cost: Corporate Greed, Women, and the Dalkon Shield

    Washington Post discovers lax corporate testing and a subsequent cover-up when the Dalkon Shield was discovered to be hazardous to women.
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    Arizona Republic finds some agencies offering free pregnancy tests and abortion counseling but using religious arguments and scare tactics to talk women out of having abortions; investigation was done partly with undercover work.
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    Plain Dealer (Cleveland) article finds romantic links between Ohio Gov. Richard Celeste and three women other than his wife, which could prevent him from seeking the presidency.
  • The case against IUDs

    New West article examines the health risks resulting from the use of intrauterine devices including infection and infertility and how health care providers failed to warn women of those risks. The story includes personal accounts from women who used IUDs and experienced devastating effects.