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  • Life in Ohio's Chillicothe Correctional Institute

    Columbus Dispatch article gives overview of life in Ohio's Chillicothe Correctional Institute.
  • Organized crime infiltrates bagel business

    Miami Herald finds organized crime infiltrates bagel business through Bagel Nosh restaurant chain.
  • Issues and trends in Florida public education

    Miami Herald runs overview of Florida public education; looks at issues and trends.
  • Flammable mattresses used in NY prisons

    Poughkeepsie (N.Y.) Journal says polyurethane mattresses, which burn quickly and emit toxic fumes, are used in New York prisons and other state institutions.
  • sheriff's deputies collected thousands of dollars in false witness fees

    State Times (Baton Rouge) reveals that sheriff's deputies collected thousands of dollars in witness fees not owed them by falsely claiming to be off-duty when subpoenaed.
  • FDA breakdown

    Mother Jones looks at the Food and Drug Administration and the breakdown of the regulatory system for testing drugs and consumer products, relying on phony, inadequate testing and altered data; also examines FDA's performance regarding 31 of the largest U.S. pharmaceutical and pesticide companies.
  • The Petrodollar Connection

    New Republic investigates a massive corporate lobbying campaign seeking Senate approval for the sale of AWAC aircraft to Saudi Arabia. The campaign was orchestrated by the Saudi government and U. S. companies doing business there. The investigation documents how Saudis pressured U.S. companies to push for approval.
  • Unethical practices in private relief agencies

    Plain Dealer (Cleveland) investigation of private relief agencies in the United States finds unethical practices galore.
  • Missouri and other states have become havens for degree mills

    Kansas City Times shows Missouri and three other states have no laws regulating degree mills, and have become havens for these mail-order businesses.
  • Connecticut's jai alai industry

    Hartford Courant runs series on unfolding scandal - involving commercial bribery, player-fixing and handicap-fixing--in Connecticut's jai alai industry.