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  • Unethical practices at Spokane funeral home

    Spokesman-Review/Spokane (Wash.) Chronicle looks into allegations of unethical practices at Spokane funeral home; provides overview of laws for funeral industry.
  • Rent control as a consumer-protection policy

    The Progressive makes a case against the Heritage Foundation's claims that rent control causes homelessness by demonstrating its function as a consumer-protection policy.
  • Nathaniel Wells: The most elusive slumlord in Los Angeles

    Los Angeles Times series uses numerous documents to detail illegal practices of big-time L.A. slumlord; series precipitated legal action, passage of reform legislation.
  • California legislator sold out constituent interests to big tobacco

    Washington Monthly article tells how California legislator sold out constituent interests to tobacco lobbyists, doctors, trial lawyers and insurance lobbies by pushing through a tort reform law that helps every party but consumers.
  • "Spot market traders:" The middlemen in crude oil sales

    Texas Monthly takes a look at the shadowy world of the middlemen in crude oil sales, "spot market traders;" through their collective buying and selling, they play a major role in determining oil prices.
  • Illegal immigrants and their impact on local economy

    Midland (Texas) Reporter-Telegram series gives overview of illegal immigrants and their impact on local economy.
  • Burglary: Crime without punishment

    While Kansas City has little violent crime, or, really, crime of any kind, burglary rates are increasing out of control. In fact, one out of every 18 houses in Jackson, Johnson, Clay and Platte counties were burglarized in the past year. This series was the first to look at the problem "to measure it, to see the real, full scope of it, then to find out who was behind it and, finally, to tell what, if anything, could be done about it.
  • Mass murderers and the plea bargain

    St. Petersburg Times series on a mass murderer includes interviews with victims' families, in-depth profile of the killer, discussion of legal system that often allows most heinous criminals to plea bargain while others are executed.
  • Disposal of hazardous wastes

    Newsday series on disposal of hazardous wastes in the nation, state and region looks into possible solutions. (Supplement: "Taxing Hazardous Wastes," GAO Review, 1985.)
  • Child sexual abuse

    Charlotte Observer series on child sexual abuse includes interviews with victims, profiles of offenders, what's being done about it.