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  • Virginia's Board of Medicine and how effectively it protects the public

    Roanoke (Va.) Times and World-News five-part series uses disciplinary records, state Freedom of Information Act, court documents and interviews to show the Virginia Board of Medicine is ineffective in protecting the public from incompetent and unethical physicians.
  • Thousands of stolen cars are being used by Mexican law enforcement

    Daily Journal (Los Angeles) reports that thousands of stolen cars are apparently being used by Mexican law enforcement and other officials; organized crime, drug trade may be involved.
  • National Freedom Institute

    New York Magazine article profiles the National Freedom Institute, a roguish band of right-wing zealots who worked as freelance agents for Lt. Col. Oliver North on Grenada, arms to Iran and other apparently illegal projects.
  • Corporate conflicts of interest

    The Wall Street Journal's Pulitzer Prize-winning article reveals conflicts of interests involving corporate executives who make "inside" profits by doing outside business with their own corporations.
  • Abuse of power and the Maryland insurance commissioner

    The Sun (Baltimore) series, which led to resignation of state insurance commissioner, uncovers serious abuses of power.
  • Judging the judges

    Milwaukee Magazine does survey, interviews with trial lawyers on judging the judges, from the worst to the best.
  • Computerized fire and police dispatching system plagued with problems

    Daily Breeze runs investigation of computerized fire and police dispatching system plagued with problems that result in reduced service to public.
  • Christian Fellowship, Inc.

    News-Sun (Waukegan, Ill.) runs series on Christian Fellowship, Inc., an ultra-conservative Christian cult with centers at Navy bases in the United States and Europe; cult leader was indicted for having homosexual relations with young members.
  • Dying for Coal

    Courier-Journal investigation shows that despite attempts at reform, the coal industry remains an outlaw industry, rife with illegal practices and unsafe conditions that kill employees in appalling numbers.
  • Mexican-Americans in the Southwest

    San Jose Mercury-News series gives overview of Mexican-Americans in the Southwest in general, San Jose specifically.