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    Atlanta Journal-Constitution analyzes a hideous murder in which two teenagers tortured a disabled man for an entire day before killing him; the story looks at underlying factors for the murder and how it relates to the larger picture of violence in Atlanta, July - August 1993.
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    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution discovers an Atlanta nurse that is suspected of causing intensive-care patients to suffer sudden cardiac arrests; finds that the nurse had been fired grom numerous other nursing jobs but no previous employer had given him a bad recommendation; he had falsified job applications, and had been indicted for murder in a Birmingham, Ala., code-blue death, 1991. # GA McIntosh Sternberg Perl Durcanin
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    Atlanta Journal-Constitution looks at sexual and physical abuse of female inmates at three state prisons, some of which occurred 13 years earlier; inmates said they had engaged in homosexual and heterosexual relationships with prison employees out of fear of retribution or in hope of favors or special treatment; inmates reported being raped and being impregnated by prison employees and then coerced into having abortions, March 11, 1992.
  • The Selling of the Olympics

    Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports on the big-business aspects of the Olympics and the efforts of Atlanta to land the games; looks at the financial documents of the International Olympic Committee and finds that it has cash reserves totaling over $100 million and the U.S. Olympic Committee solicits donations claiming over 80 percent of its budget goes to its athletes, when in fact barely 10 percent does.
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    Atlanta Journal-Constitution investigates the impact of the rise of militant Islamic governments and political parties is having on women across the Middle East; outlines the changes in women's political, legal, and customary rights, as well as opportunities for health care and education, June 28, 1992.
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    Atlanta Journal-Constitution investigates claim that hyperthermia (raising blood temperatures) is an AIDS cure; finds such hope hangs by a tenuous scientific thread; reports that one doctor tried the therapy several times and his patients died, June 1990.
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    Atlanta Journal-Constitution follows federal aid distribution after Hurricane Hugo; finds Puerto Rico received 2 1/2 times more aid than North Carolina, South Carolina and the Virgin Islands combined, Sept. 2, 1990.
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    Atlanta Journal-Constitution finds federal student loan programs to be multi-billion-dollar swamp of fraud and mismanagement; exposes regulating agencies; finds powerful benefit while underprivileged students take loans for little or no education, Jan. 23 - Dec. 23, 1990.
  • McCants Agent's Tactics Questioned

    Atlanta Journal-Constitution examines cash-for-athletes recruiting violations; sports agent Lance Luchnick has admitted he gave money to athletes and coaches in violation of NCAA rules; other violations include possible maile and/or wire fraud, signing college football players before their eligibility expired, and real estate fraud.
  • High Life Goes Bust For Athletes' Stockbroker

    Atlanta Journal-Constitution investigates a high-flying stockbroker who bilked professional athletes out of thousands of dollars, July 8, 1990.