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    Atlanta Journal-Constitution exposes more than 50 college athletes who signed with agents before completing their eligibility; details how the athletes received money, cars and entertainment to sign prematurely, and say they were threatened with physical violence if they tried to break their commitments, Jan. 12 - Sept. 1, 1988.
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    Atlanta Journal-Constitution examines the election of Georgia's Insurance Commissioner, the key regulator of insurance companies; finds the insurance companies contribute heavily to the campaigns of most of the winning candidates, and the commissioners rarely protect consumers from advertising and pricing abuses, February - November 1988.
  • The color of money

    Atlanta Journal-Constitution conducts computer-assisted study of federal records of loans by banks and savings and loan associations, finding discrimination against city's middle-income blacks in home loans, business loans and bank services compared to whites of similar income levels. The investigation also finds poor federal enforcement of the Community Reinvestment Act and Equal Credit Opportunity Act and finds S&Ls nationwide reject black loan applicants twice as often as whites. It is also disclosed that Citicorp and others avoid soliciting black real estate agents.
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    Atlanta Journal-Constitution finds that one in four flights from Atlanta's airport are delayed, an average far worse than the FAA reports, July 19, 1987.
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    Atlanta Journal-Constitution runs more than 30 stories relating to Bert Lance's banking practices, looking at the dismissal of the bank's vice chairman, check kiting, insurance kickbacks and secret examinations prepared by the comptroller.