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    Freedom Magazine (Los Angeles) investigates allegations by Internal Revenue Service whistleblowers that the IRS invalidated thousands of individual tax assessments totalling as much as $13 billion; claims were made that the IRS covered up the mistake, December 1990.
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    L.A. Weekly (Los Angeles) looks into the murder of a 19 - year - old college freshman at a Grateful Dead concert who was beaten to death after being arrested by the local police security; witnesses have come forward to say that the student was not resisting arrest and that police were very hostile, May 4 - 10, 1990.
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    Los Angeles Daily Journal looks at the record of California Attorney General John Van de Camp and his high success in arguing cases before the U.S. Supreme Court, July 9, 1990.
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    Copley Los Angeles Newspapers uncover criminal history and outstanding warrants for the arrest of a man who is security chief of a 3,000-student high school, March 27 - 28, 1990.
  • PACs give little firms big clout

    Los Angeles Times uses computer-assisted research to conclude that the wealthy often exceed the $25,000 the limit on campaign contributions; bundled contributions by individuals are most effective way to influence members of Congress; most influential PACs are often small companies dependent on federal contracts; members of Congress spend most of their campaign reserves for purposes that do not involve direct appeals to voters; Federal Election Commission does not monitor its own database for violation of federal election laws.
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    Los Angeles Times discovers developer Bill Walters, Neil Bush's former business partner, living in the lap of luxury; Walters had testified before Congress that he was broke after defaulting on nearly $100 million from Silverado Savings and Loan and had hid millions of dollars in assets by placing them under the name of his wife, July 18 - Nov. 29, 1990.
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    Long Beach (Calif.) Press-Telegram reports that a renegade group of Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies have taken on gang-like characteristics, including painting graffiti, flashing gang signs and harassing supervisors who attempted to control their behavior, Dec. 2 - 9, 1990.
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    Los Angeles Daily News discovers that Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies used guns and dogs against dozens of suspects, mostly minorities, never charged with a violent crime; many were maimed or killed but officers were rarely disciplined, Oct. 7 and Dec. 16, 1990.
  • Drug War Escalates as Gangs, 'Crank' Invade County:

    Stark Magazine (Canton, Ohio) studies the infiltration of the Los Angeles-based CRIPS gang in the county and the crack cocaine trade and violence the gang brought with it.
  • The Medfly Wars

    The Progressive studies the risk of malathion spraying for medflies in Los Angeles and Orange Counties; people are confined to their homes during the spraying, children get ill and there is reason to believe exposure could cause cance.