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    Los Angeles Times series describes the crisis among Los Angeles law firms: major New York firms are moving in and stealing top partners, corporate law firms have doubled and tripled in size to remain competitive, new emphasis on ever-greater profits is changing the way firms do business.
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    Boston Globe reports allegations that SCA Services, a waste-disposal company, has links to organized crime, causing Los Angeles to delay a decision on a waste-hauler contract with the company.
  • They Also Serve Who Watch and Listen

    Los Angeles Times Magazine article by James Bamford profiling California's role as a center for U.S. operational intelligence activities - electronic spying on other countries with satellites, etc. - was done entirely from declassified documents, congressional transcripts, books and news accounts.
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    Los Angeles Herald Examiner series finds corruption and misuse of public funds in the City of Industry, a Los Angeles suburb.
  • Unsafe Dams: Red Tape and Politics Snare Repairs

    Los Angeles Times runs Pulitzer Prize-winning series on dam safety that uses federal documents to show safety and inspection procedures were lax and many dams were defective, prompting congressional action.
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    Los Angeles Times describes weekend trips to resorts taken by U.S. senators and congressional aides, which are paid for by lobbyists; the senators and their families pay nothing for the trips and end up receiving campaign funds.
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    Los Angeles Times runs three part series on how Mayor Tom Bradley runs Los Angeles, based on scrutiny of the mayor's appointment calendar for 1987.
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    Los Angeles Herald Examiner reports on the nationwide move by organized crime into the rock concert promotion business; focuses on hidden ownership by mobsters, laundering of illegally earned mob money and the skimming of profits.
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    Los Angeles Herald Examiner investigation of abuse in the mobile home industry in Orange County reveals illegal kickbacks, strangled competition and eviction of elderly persons.
  • Warner Communications and chairman Steven J. Ross

    Los Angeles Times overview of Warner Communications and chairman Steven J. Ross uses basic documents and peripheral sources to write story despite lack of cooperation from Ross.