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    St. Petersburg Times reports on a Catch-22 clause that requires veterans on Medicaid to apply for extra veteran's benefits, which then disqualify them from Medicaid, July 20, 1987.
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    St. Louis Post-Dispatch discovers that patient lives were endangered after the city of St. Louis turned over a nursing home it owned to a private firm, which cashed and kept more than $468,000 in state Medicaid payments intended for the city, June-August 1986.
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    Columbia Missourian articles evaluate the Medicare and Medicaid systems and how they are not accomplishing what they were intended to, leaving many patients without proper medical care, April 6, 1986.
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    Columbia Daily Tribune investigates local dentist who specializes in Medicaid patients and finds that under his care, patients often suffer more problems than they had before they came to him.
  • Home health care

    WCCO-TV (Minneapolis) "exposed abuses in the home health care industry in Minnesota. The I-Team found elderly, sick and handicapped people -- isolated in their homes -- being cared for by unqualified, untrained and unsupervised workers. And the I-Team found that, in spite of the obvious problems, Minnesota had no licensing for home health agencies, no qualification standards for home health aides, and no field inspections to monitor the quality of patient care."
  • Examining Dental Medicaid

    KSL-TV (Salt Lake City) finds problems in dental Medicaid system; reimbursement claim decisions were arbitrary, inconsistent and discriminatory; the state's Medicaid dental consultant was the biggest practitioner under Medicaid grants in Utah, Feb. 4-6, 1985.
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    WZZM-TV (Grand Rapids, Mich.) airs series on how two firms under the same control were able to inflate Medicaid claims by charging themselves management fees that took Medicaid for an extra $3 million, Oct. 27-30, 1981.
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    WDVM-TV (Washington, D.C.) examines the psychological trauma for rape and incest victims stemming from Health, Education and Welfare regulations that require Medicaid patients to report their name and address; patients have had their privacy violated because of the reporting requirement, 1979. (script only.
  • License Deal

    WBBM-TV (Chicago) airs investigation of the use of two prescription drugs that when taken together make a cheap substitute for heroin; doctors, pharmacists and clinics are using professional status to deal the drugs, billing Medicaid for thousands of dollars, 1983.
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    Columbia Daily Tribune investigates a 21-year-old's death; young woman apparently died from lack of medication the state Medicaid program would not cover, June 3, 1984.