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  • News4 I-Team: Injection Injuries

    This series examined the devastating effects of shoulder injuries from shots given incorrectly. We found those injuries now account for half of all the new cases in the federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program- which was initially created to help victims injured by what's inside the syringe, not mistakes made by the shot-giver. We calculated that the federal agency which administers the program has quietly paid out $76 million for those injuries, without ever telling the shot-givers they did it incorrectly.
  • NBCLA: Pepper Spray Use Skyrockets at Juvenile Hall

    The use of pepper spray by probation officers at Los Angeles County juvenile halls and camps has skyrocketed over the last few years, prompting an investigation and raising concerns as similar agencies across the country are banning pepper spray use, citing health concerns.
  • LAUSD Classrooms for Rent

    After six months battling LAUSD for public documents, NBC4 uncovered officials approving controversial and even pornographic film shoots in exchange for Hollywood money. This led to disrupted classrooms, teacher frustration and damaged school property. Minutes before airing Part 2, LAUSD shut down the multi-million dollar program. The Superintendent called for a review of the system and our continued reporting ultimately forced LAUSD to overhaul its filming program, leading to new policies and procedures.
  • Serving in Silence: Rape in the National Guard

    The National Guard has consistently claimed it is working “aggressively” to combat rape and sexual assault within its ranks. But in a groundbreaking series of reports, WRC-TV’s seven-part series “Serving in Silence: Rape in the National Guard” exposes how this major component of the military hasn’t been tracking critical data, allowing most of the men who committed the crime to walk free, while destroying the careers of those who were assaulted through retaliation. In the last few years, there have been many stories about sexual assault in the military. But no one, not even Congress, has been able to get real nationwide data on how those crimes are investigated and how they punish offenders. Which is why, after interviewing the highest-ranking women in the National Guard to speak publicly about their assaults, NBC4 broke rank and sent a survey to every Guard unit in the nation asking them how they tackle the problem, what resources they wish they had and what punishments they use. We ultimately created what is now the only public, nationwide source of hard data on military sexual assault investigations and their outcomes, prompting New York Senator Kristen Gillibrand to tell us, “We didn’t even have the basic information. Your survey is the first slice of information we actually have,” for the entire military. “It really shines a light on a huge issue that we don't have the level of transparency and accountability that we need on these serious criminal cases in the National Guard."
  • Beer Bust

    Stealing beer, intimidating businesses and drinking while driving - it’s all part of a day’s work inside the Montgomery Co Department of Liquor Control. This six-month undercover camera investigation resulted in multiple firings, criminal investigations and hearings to dismantle the organization. After NBC4 Washington received a tip from an insider about the scheme to steal beer, they convinced frightened store owners to come forward. Using FOIA, they realized DLC was still using archaic technology to track $34 million worth of inventory. They spent two weeks typing in data from 35,000 pages to create a database that showed DLC was highly susceptible to theft and corruption. Using this data analysis, they followed crews and caught them sleeping on the job, leaving trucks unattended and repeatedly drinking while driving.