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  • NewsChannel 5 Investigates: Schoolhouse Scandal

    This exclusive investigation -- developed over the course of some two dozen individual stories -- revealed how Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) ignored the lessons of the #MeToo movement, creating a culture where allegations of sexual harassment and other misconduct were routinely swept under the rug. Giving a voice to those whose voices had previously been ignored, this investigation forced the district to confront the long-neglected issue.
  • Making the Grade

    This continuing NewsChannel 5 investigation exposed questionable testing and grading practices inside one of the most highly applauded school districts in the nation. Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) had earned high praise – dubbed a “District of Distinction” – for its turnaround efforts.
  • All That Glitters: Genesis Diamonds

    An investigation into certain diamonds sold worldwide, and locally by Nashville's most popular jeweler. The stones had laboratory paperwork that exaggerated their value and greatly disappointed many customers. Our investigation first sparked lawsuits against the jeweler, then major changes in the diamond industry worldwide, including the de-listing of certain certified diamonds, and ultimately the closing of EGL International, the laboratory whose grading was widely questioned and criticized throughout the industry.
  • It Is What It Is

    Using hidden cameras, Jeremy and Jason Finley found that the city of Nashville was ripe with nepotism and poor work habits. What was found were several cases of elected officials hiring their family members for jobs that were never advertised and in some cases substantial raises were given.
  • A Failure to Warn

    The investigation shows why flood predictions for Nashville have been very inaccurate. The Army Corps of Engineers and the National Weather Service had not alerted the government or the public that water was being released into the Cumberland River. The reporter finds that the two agencies barely communicated during the floods, leading to the spread of incorrect information.
  • Deception of the Desperate

    The WSMV investigation "exposed how a Nashville-based company was deceiving people all across the country who were desperate for insurance. Many of these customers had serious illnesses, like AIDS and cancer, and could not get full coverage insurance. They found the company was telling consumers they were getting full coverage insurance, when in fact they were buying basic discount cards that barely paid any of their expenses. "
  • The Death of Steve McNair

    The police concluded in the investigation of the death of Steve McNair that it was a murder-suicide. He was killed by his girlfriend, who later shot and killed herself. But CBS News investigated the murder and found a different conclusion. This investigation revealed significant mistakes and contradiction made by the police, which raised critical questions.
  • The Versed Protocol

    An emergency protocol in Nashville to use injections of a powerful tranquilizer, called Versed, does not require patient consent to be administered to restrain the person during "excited delirium."
  • NewsChannel 5 Investigates: The Ticket Fix

    The NewsChannel 5 "investigation discovered a systemic problem with parking and speeding tickets being fixed in the city of Nashville. Among the beneficiaries: friends of cops and judges, politicians, Tennessee Titans, even court employees. Out of 136,000 parking tickets in a two-year period, 16,000 were dismissed without explanation. Out of 166,000 speeding tickets, 14,000 were dismissed without explanation."
  • Firm Beliefs

    The idea for this story came to light during a murder investigation. WTVF uncovered evidence linking the child-abuse death of an 8-year-old boy in the Atlanta area to the teachings of his family's church. The church, located just outside of Nashville, was started by Christian diet guru Gwen Shamblin. Despite Shamblin's denials, the investigation uncovered church tapes that documented how she had instructed her followers to severely discipline their children. Among the tapes: a conference call in which the mother was applauded for locking her child in his room for days.