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  • The Lost Children

    The Austin American-Statesman's five part series "provided the first definitive look at the hundreds of disabled and chronically ill children who are living in Texas nursing homes. The series gave compelling accounts of why they are there and under what conditions... examined scores of confidential government documents about abuse and neglect of children, reviewed nursing home inspection reports and other documents obtained through the Texas Open Records Act...
  • (Untitled)

    The Lexington Herald-Leader series uncovers a state Medicaid system that issues checks to health care providers with minimal oversight by Medicaid staff or legislative budget committees; found that many providers, such as ambulance companies, doctors and dentists, benefit from and encourage fraudulent behavior by patients. The paper also found that ambulance companies used money, free cigarettes or side trips to entice Medicaid patients to use their ambulances, June - December 1994.
  • (Untitled)

    The Dallas Observer provided a profile of the city's worst bureaucrat, James Johnson, who was the director of the Dallas County Department of Community Corrections. The investigation found that under his tenure, Johnson instituted a quota system that punished workers who did not let out a minimum number of inmates; caseworkers, fearing for their jobs, routinely ignored strict guidelines for inmate release; over $30,000 was stolen from the office and employees were fired or transferred on trumped-up charges. Johnson was also the target of numerous sexual-harassment charges, Apr. 7, 1994.
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    Houston Chronicle finds the Texas Open Records Act, which was meant to give the public and press access to government documents, is now being weakened by state agencies that want to deny that access; gives overview of other states that are limiting information, Dec. 13 - 17, 1992.