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    Just as the legal defense costs of the president's rose to $1 million, an insurance friend of Clinton's discovered that two of Clinton's policies may cover the legal costs. The American Spectator examines the story of Washington and Arkansas insiders and two very friendly insurance companies who came to Clinton's rescue. (June 1996)
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    Forbes explores the boundaries of sexual harassment bringing up many recent multi-million dollar cases in which companies were sued instead of just the perpertrator. What started out as a legitimate grievance may have turned into a lottery and those who truly are harrassed in low profile cases are not getting the help they need from greedy lawyers.
  • "Johnny on the Spot" and "Governonr, you're not going to like this"

    The investigation by Philadelphia Magazine is the story of how the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission degenerated from prosecuting discrimination to practicing it on a massive scale. The story uncovered a slew of allegations including: an attempted cover-up of sexual harassment and racism charges. (April & August, 1995)
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    A Commercial Appeal investigation finds that State Sen. John Ford gave a top-paying public job to a woman he had a child with out of wedlock. CA also learned that he had three illegitimate cildren with two women, all while married to other women. One of the mothers is suing him for alleged sexual harassment. Another was receiving $48,000 a year, desptie listing no management experience on her application. (Nov. 30, Dec. 4 - 29, 1995)
  • The Payoff on Joe Gallagher

    Philadelphia Magazine reports that "It seemed like a lawsuit even the City of Philadelphia could win, the first of the sexual harassment cases against prison commissioner J. Patrick Gallagher... After (District Attorney) Ed Rendell had the city pay $750,000 to a woman who claimed his prison chief offered her breakfast, the suits poured in and the money flew out. What was the mayor afraid of?"
  • Deadly Secrets

    KBJR investigated allegations of illegal activity and misconduct going on in "Mesabi work release", a Duluth halfway house for men and women on work-release from prison. The investigation confirmed sexual harassment and abuse from guards to prisoners, and prisoners to prisoners; escapes from the facility and crimes,, including murder and attempted murder, committed by inmates on the loose; drug and alcohol smuggling into the facility; and sexual assaults inside the facility. (May 2- 6, 1994)
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    Coast Weekly takes an inside look at Seaside City hall finding evidence of sexual harassment, abuse of power by the mayor and punishing employees with dismissal if they complained about violations and abuses, January - December 1994.
  • Gender Wars

    CNN Special Assignment discovered a pattern of discrimination against white males in federal agencies--including eliminating positions when female applicants were not available, and denying promotions to males. Other segments uncover discrimination against women in the art world, including claims that the Metropolitain Museum's collection incudes only 5% of art by women. Another segment uncovers a sexual harassment case that appears to have been blown out of proportion by a father with an agenda of his own.
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    New York Review explains the case of J. Donald Silva, a professor at the University of New Hampshire accused of sexual harassment and removed for two remarks in class without due process; includes a discussion of how political correctness has chilled the academic climate, Jan. 13, 1994
  • Crossing the Line

    CBC, Canadian Broadcast Compnay 5th Estate (Toronto, Canada) reveals how women athletes face a lifetime of sexual harassment from male coaches in sports clubs, universities and national teams who demand intimate relations after coaching them to success.