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    Elkhart (Ind.) Truth reports on John Howard Yoder, a Mennonite minister who teaches at Notre Dame and who is regarded as one of the century's most prominent theologians; Yoder's ministerial credentials were suspended over allegations of sexual harassment; an unpublished essay by Yoder confirmed victims' contentions that Yoder had constructed a biblical and ethical framework for his misconduct, June 29 and July 12 - 16, 1992.
  • Eight more women accuse Adams: Allegations of two decades of sexual harassment, abuse - and a rape

    Seattle Times writes about the allegations of sexual harassment (including abuse and rape) brought against U.S. Sen. Brock Adams of Washington by eight women. The women signed a statement attesting to the truth of their allegations. As a result of the publication, Sen. Adams withdrew his bid for re-election.
  • Dramatic reading of testimonies of Angela Wright & Rose Jourdain

    KPFA-Radio (Berkeley, Calif.) reports on the testimony of two women about their experience working for then-Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas in light of the Thomas/Hill hearings in the U.S. Senate, Nov. 18, 1991.
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    D Magazine (Dallas) profiles a Dallas County commissioner; discusses rumors regarding his personal and professional life and reveals unethical and illegal practices, including conflicts of interest, sexual harassment and sexual assault, March 1991.
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    Charlotte Observer uncovers years of sexual harassment of interns by University of South Carolina President James Holderman; many people in the position of authority, including the former governor of South Carolina, knew of the allegations, but did not act on the information, Oct. 20, 1991.
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    Texas Lawyer (Dallas) investigates the Dallas/Fort Worth School of Law, which lost its accreditation from the American Bar Association; finds that the school's founder has been accused of sexual harassment and abusing his expense account.
  • Sexual Harassment; unfair game

    Syracuse (N.Y.) Herald-Journal investigates the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace and finds that one in four women working in Onondaga County have been sexually harassed on the job.
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    Village Voice (New York) examines the changing attitudes toward sexual relations on college and university campuses; reports on the rise in reported cases of date rape, sexual harassment and assault, April 9, 1991.
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    Harper's Magazine looks at changing attitudes toward sexual harassment and assault on the campus of Dartmouth, April 1991.
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    Roanoke (Va.) Times & World-News reveals a state bar investigation into suspected betrayal of client confidence, sexual harassment of clients and withholding of evidence by a Virginia county's attorney, July 19-20, 1986.