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  • All Politics Is Racial

    “All Politics Is Racial” is a thorough examination of the first mayoral term of James McGee, the town of Vinita Park's first black mayor. His election – which he was accused of stealing -- was a direct reflection of 60 years worth of larger economic and societal forces at work in the north St. Louis County region. By the time I began my reporting there, the city had already paid out three-quarters of $1 million to a group of fired, white police officers who say they were run out of the town's tiny department and replaced with black officers. Additional lawsuits – including one for sexual harassment -- are pending. Through extensive interviews and document searches, I attempted to piece together what is really going on in this tiny hamlet.
  • Mayor Under Fire: The Fall of Filner

    In the summer of 2013 ten term congressman and newly elected San Diego Mayor Bob Filner embarked on a self destructive rampage. His political career would end and personal life would forever be altered after several scandals directly exposed by our team. The scandals ranged from Filner sexually harassing women under his charge to betraying his oath to uphold the ethical and legal responsibilities of the office to which he was elected. This entry highlights the key stories exposed by our team, all of which led to his resignation, felony conviction or the recovery of public funds.
  • Peter Gray

    The Press-Citizen obtained confidential documents outlining how a University of Iowa Athletics Department official was found guilty of violating the university's sexual harassment policy, including that he made unwanted and inappropriate advances toward UI students and student athletes and offered to trade athletics tickets and money for sexual favors. After breaking the story on our website and morning edition the next day, the Press-Citizen embarked on nearly daily coverage of this story, which also included numerous FOIA requests. Because of the Press-Citizen's coverage, the university restructured the athletics department and implemented other policy changes. The state Board of Regents has called for a full report of the incident and has criticized the university of being lax in its handling of sexual harassment reports and sexual harassment training. Additional changes or fallout may be forthcoming. Especially illuminating were UI President Sally Mason's remarks in an interview with the Press-Citizen that this incident never would have been made public had the newspaper not obtained the confidential documents, which highlights the importance of watchdog work.
  • Behind the Gates of the Guard

    “Sexual harassment and hostile work environment is commonplace in the CANG (California Air National Guard).” That information uncovered in a previously unreported document was exposed in a joint investigation by NBC Bay Area and KNBC-TV. During a more than five-month investigation, journalists from the two television stations interviewed more than two dozen current and former members of the guard and uncovered a dark hidden culture “Behind the Gates of the Guard.” The reporting found the California National Guard failing to meet the National Guard standard and accepting, investigating and handling complaints involving sexual harassment, sexual assaults and racism. This investigation uncovered instances where sexual harassment, racism and sexual assault was not properly investigated by the California Guard.
  • Unredacted Harassment

    An ongoing investigation by the Red & Black showed professors continued to violate sexual harassment policies and get away with it at the University of Georgia, and to make matters worse, those who came forward and who were told their identities would be protected, discovered their names were not redacted in documents sent out by UGA to those requesting such documents.
  • "Sexting DA"

    AP reporter Ryan Foley revealed that prominent Wisconsin District Attorney Ken Kratz was sending harassing text messages to female victims; women whom he was supposed to be protecting. When the sexual harassment was reported to the authorities, "legal regulators and colleagues" kept the allegations private in an attempt to protect the reputation of the DA.
  • "Trail of Chief's Ouster"

    In this article, Kauffman reveals the story behind the town manager who "abruptly ousted" the local police chief. The chief was investigating allegations of sexual harassment against the town manager, Jeffery O'Keefe, when he was "stripped of his job." After analyzing "thousands of emails" sent and received by O'Keefe, it seems the town manager started building a case to remove the chief the day after learning of the allegations against him.
  • "FEMA's Toxic Bureaucracy"

    After nearly a year of reporting, the CBS News Investigative Unit reported a string of "discrimination, sexual harassment and cronyism in the New Orleans" FEMA office. Several staff members went on camera to share stories revealing the "toxic environment" of the FEMA office. Just a day after the story aired, an internal investigation was launched by FEMA, and the Chief of Staff was quickly transferred.
  • Secret Settlement

    This series describes a secret deal with the assistant of the former mayor to pay her a great deal of money plus benefits if she would drop a sexual harassment against the former mayor. Further, the series revealed a confidentiality clause, which forbid anyone in the deal to talk about it and city officials could deny its existence. As a result of this series, the state legislature is considering making it illegal for government officials to enter into confidential settlements.
  • Abuse of Power

    This series is an investigation into former CSUPD Chief Dexter Yarbrough. Before the investigation began, he had been placed on paid administrative leave and this raised suspicion from J. David McSwane. After much research and interviewing, David revealed a number of cases of misconduct by Yarbrough. These cases of misconduct included sexual harassment and other illegal behaviors. After everything was revealed, Yarbrough resigned and now hiring of university officials and police personnel is highly assessed.