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  • The Body Shop

    Questionable hiring, misidentified bodies, sexual harassment charges and refusal to provide autopsies to defense attorneys are a few of the many problems facing the Adams County Coroner's office. Jim Hibbard, who heads the office, was elected to his position, but had a history of conflict as a former police officer. He appears to have brought that conflict to the coroner's office in the form of sexual harassment, ruined evidence and regulatory violations.
  • Sexual-Harassment Cases Plaque U.N.

    This investigation digs into how the United Nations (U.N.) handles internal sexual harassment complaints. The current system for handling complaints is arbitrary, unfair and delays bureaucracy. Many cases take years to judge, accusers either retire or resign, which leaves them out of reach of the U.N. justice system. Overall, “no matter which way the cases go, they mishandle it.”
  • The Fall of Ohio's Attorney General

    While top state officials from Elliot Spitzer to Rod Blagojevich fell from grace in 2008, no one was pushed out the door through dogged reporting by the press -- in this case, The Columbus Dispatch -- quite like Ohio's attorney general, Marc Dann. Information from a variety of sources and examination of voluminous e-mails and documents led to stories detailing sexual harassment and a shockingly unprofessional, party-like atmosphere of high-ranking Dann officials, including ribald festivities at the so-called "Dannimal House," the condo where he lived along with a pair of top aides. The Dispatch also broke stories about other misdeeds ranging from questionable campaign expenditures, shaky hiring practices and suspect purchases, as well as a proposed trip by Dann to a "law enforcement conference" in Turkey with his female scheduler. Although her trip, bankrolled by homeland security money, was nixed, the paper documented how Dann called her (on the taxpayers' dime via satellite phone) more often than his wife. Dann, 45, later admitted an affair with the scheduler, 28.
  • The Mahoney Scandal: Fall from Grace

    This story uncovered how Florida Rep. Tim Mahoney had secretly paid a former staffer - and one-time mistress - $120,000 and promised her a job at a Democratic media firm to stave off a sexual harassment lawsuit against him. Further reporting also found that Mahoney had gone to great lengths to help another former mistress - a county emergency response official in her district - win a grant from FEMA. The report shows how Democratic leadership was aware of problems with Mahoney's conduct as early as September and encouraged him to deal with the situation.
  • Ohio Attorney General: Price of Corruption

    WBNS-TV (Columbus, Ohio) revealed a pattern of corruption inside the state's highest law enforcement office including cronyism, misuse of state funds and property, improper use of campaign funds, ethics violations and cover-up. The reporters found that the Attorney General had used campaign funds to rent a condominium for two of his friends/employees that was later tied to sexual harassment,alleged crimes involving state vehicles and the hub for cronyism. Their reporting revealed that the Attorney General created a "transition fund" as an unregulated 501 c4 non-profit account. Through law enforcement, the station learned that this fund funneled at least $2,000 in inappropriate payments to the Attorney General's friend/employee/condo-mate.
  • Sexual harassment at UGA

    During a semester-long investigation The Red & Black discovered the University of Georgia was finding professors in violation of the sexual harassment policy but still allowing them to teach and, in some cases, allowing them to dictate the details of their resignations.
  • Zipped Up!

    This story is part of Russell's ongoing investigation into how the Roman Catholic hierarchy covers up sex-abuse by priests. Specifically, this story focuses on how former San Francisco Archbishop William J. Levada co-opted district attorneys in three California counties to help keep decades of alleged sexual misconduct by priests secret.
  • Sexual Harassment/ Highway Patrol coverage

    This report showed that high-ranking state officials destroyed and otherwise shielded from public view documents pertaining to sexual harassment allegations against other high- ranking officials.
  • Romeo's Revenge

    This investigation found that Romeo Marquez, the publisher of Philippine Village Voice, a community newspaper, used his paper as a means to shame his former girlfriend. He included explicit details of their sexual relationship in the paper, along with an account of her alleged abortion. Furthermore, during the investigation KGTV 10 found that Marquez had two wives in the United States, one wife in the Philippines and also filed false statements to the US government to help his immigration status.
  • Indecent Proposal: Priest Caught On Tape

    KTVA reporters investigate alleged sexual harassment by a Catholic Priest in Anchorage.