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  • Report says professor harassed student

    The authors report on how a professor at Washington State University sexually harassed a student. They explore the nuances of the university's sexual harassment policy, and explain how the professor managed to face only minimal consequences.
  • Sexual harassment on college campuses

    This series explored the effects of sexual harassment and consensual relationships between students and professors at Oregon state universities. It includes experts' advice about identifying and coping with harassment, as well as the students' perspective on the issue. Among other problems, the authors found that universities had inadequate job screening, that ensured job security for professors who may have criminal convictions and a history of sexual harassment charges.
  • Stolen Innocence

    This investigation found that a federal employee at a local military base used his job to lure a minor into an abusive sexual relationship. The employee used taxpayer money to take the victim with him on business trips, where he would molest the boy. The investigation found that army officials knew about the relationship, but did nothing about it.
  • Prison Abuse

    WFLA-TV reviewed 468 complaints by female inmates and found half to be allegations involving sexual contact with prison staff members. But prison inspectors rarely believed them or punished prison staff, lack of evidence being their reason why they couldn't prove allegations of sexual misconduct. WFLA-TV's investigation revealed a 'culture of indifference' among prison staff.
  • The black avenger: Milton Crawford exposes the DWP's big whitewash ... racism, intimidation and harassment

    This investigation exposed a decades-long cover-up of racism and harassment by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. The story revealed how the nation's largest public utility and the city attorney's office used illegal confidential settlements to conceal nearly $10 million in outside legal costs and settlements stemming from workplace discrimination, harassment, and intimidation at the Department of Water and Power.
  • Bennett Investigation

    This report investigates a school professor charged with sexual harassment of his students. The case looks at how this teacher was hired in spite of having a record of sexual harassment at previous schools and being under treatment for a while. The school failed to see that the teacher was going under a different name to escape suspicion.
  • Honolulu Liquor Commission

    KITV-TV revealed the "Honolulu Liquor Commission spent $580,000 on investigations and lawsuits about corruption, workplace violence and sexual harassment" over the most recent three-year period -- 20 percent of its annual budget. The commission paid thousands for lawyers to protect employees accused of misconduct. Also, "at the same time, the commission failed to collect hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines from bars and nightclubs, and does not have investigators on duty seven nights a week." A former whistleblower who testified before a grand jury about the situation was threatened and subsequently forced to leave Hawaii; another employee revealed that workers had been "openly threatened with harm or even death, if they talk to the media or the feds or any other investigation."
  • Telling the Truth: Encounters with Schwarzenegger

    This story brought to light allegations of sexual harassment against Arnold Schwarzenegger. The reporters had heard rumors of his inappropriate behavior and tracked down the woman who had made such claims; the story was especially important because the investigation was begun immediately after he announced his bid for Governor of California.
  • Killed By Parolees; Did Cornejo & Sons Contribute Illegally?; BOE settlement hidden

    City Hall: Mayoral candidate's hidden history of domestic violence complaints; fraud and abuse in publicly funded job training program; misuse of travel funds by city officials; City Hall contract tampering; improper donations by a major city contractor. Parollees: More than two dozen Kansans had died at the hands of parolles in the past four years. Nearly, two-thirds who were killed were on at least their second chance at parole; more than a third of the parollees had broken contact with their parole officers before their arrest; and the state made little effort to find parollees who disappeared. School District: the Wichita school district kept a teach on the payroll eight years after the first complaints about is conduct with young teenage girls, they cloaked its settlement of his rape victim's lawsuit in secrecy.
  • Dirty Work

    Three women stepped forward to expose a hostile and dangerous work environment at the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Chicago. The stories of on-the-job harassment ranged from supervisors demanding sexual favors for possible promotions to being physically attacked on the job for refusing sexual advances. Hidden cameras also found pornographic magazines and graffiti in the break rooms at two sewage treatment plants. One of the whistleblowers received a bomb threat days before the report was aired.